15 Truths About Working Out

15 Truths About Working Out


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  • I hate it when people say ‘I don’t have the proper get up for gym.’ or ‘I don’t have the money to pay to go to a gym.’ I was in highschool when I last visited the gym to do my exercise and I had been exercising here at home when I’m already in college. It doesn’t mean that you can’t go to the gym, you’re going to stop exercising. There are many ways to sweat are asses off. I even followed some fitspiration Twitter accounts to have some ideas on what to exercise and focus on for my body. Hihi 🙂 How’s the work out so far?

    • This is so on point, Augustin! This is exactly what I’m saying, you don’t have to be rich to be fit and you don’t have to splurge on fashion when you’re only going to sweat. Anyway, that’s messed up if you have to pay in order to live a healthier lifestyle. Haha! I used to work out at home, too, then I realized that I have to up my social skills and going to the gym has its benefits as well, like they have a lot of equipment and machine that I don’t have at home. Fitness is limitness, people should stop putting it in a solid box and categorise what they know about the “rules” of being or wanting to be fit. Thanks for the comment! By the way, you have a really cool name. 🙂

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