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Invitation: Escolta Block Party! ✌???

Hi, guys! As you know, I have been exploring Manila lately and boy am I learning something new each time. You may think that there is nothing new to see in this urban jungle except for crowded malls and hip coffee shops here and there, but to be honest, there is so much to see and explore. Manila has a lot to offer – you just have to be keen.

Aside from the famous Rizal Park and Roxas Boulevard, there is Escolta, which used to be how Makati is currently. Now it looks devastated and abandoned, although there are still shops and business around, it is nothing like its past state. The good thing is, there are so many groups trying to revive Escolta and her grandour, and you would be glad to know that most of them belong to the youth such as the Heritage Conservation Society – Youth Chapter, where Jec is actually a member.

Now as a part of reliving what was once Escolta, I’m inviting you to attend the Escolta Block Party, a street-gathering event where the entire street of Escolta will be closed off to give way to many events happening this November 26, Saturday.

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The EB Party! (Escolta Block Party!) is a gathering of a lovely community. Through the EB Party! more people can be made aware of the history and heritage of the area by participating in the various pocket events spread throughout the day. By experiencing the Escolta in a new light, people from different walks of life can have a better appreciation of the locale’s diversity. This endeavor is homegrown and executed through a collective effort.
Highlights for the day include:

Saturday x Future Market @ESCOLTA – a street bazaar organized by 98B COLLABoratory (11am to 11pm)
Pop Up at The Ruins – exhibition (11am to 5pm)
The Tale of the Cursed Painting – mystery tour organized by Manila Who (starts at 11am)
EscolTARA – visit Juan Luna E-Services Building / El Hogar, Calvo Building, Capitol Theater / Panpisco Building, Regina Building and the First United Building… information will be shared by advocates from the Heritage Conservation Society Youth (11am to 5pm)
HUB: Make Lab – place for shopping, dining and drinking (11am to 11pm)
Escolta Block: Hop | Shop | Learn | Create – unveiling of the infographics about the heritage street design and concept collaboration of The Public School Manila and 98B, together with the Heritage Conservation Youth (whole day)
Rivers of the World – travelling art exhibition at the Escolta Ferry Station arranged by MMDA and the British Council Philippines (whole day)
D/scuss – talk organized by One/zero to connect urban thinkers and creatives with students of design and passionate individuals (1pm to 3pm)
Viva Viva Escolta – screening of Janus Victoria’s short film at the First United Building Community Museum (1pm / 3pm / 5pm)
Love Parade – CARLOS CELDRAN’s tour hosted by VivaManila (3pm to 5pm)
DJ Sets – hosted by Fred’s Revolución Escolta (4pm onwards)
Post-Bohemia / Slaves Øf Liberty Capsule 2016 Release – video presentation by Joey Arté, live performances by the Miguel Cortez Hernandez & Primo Chiko and Ana Beatriz Alonso Te (7pm) at the HUB | Make Lab

For more information, check out Escolta Block Party on Facebook. Show support by clicking INTERESTED or GOING on their event page here!

See you there?



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