Dear BS Family,

Dear BS Family,

Years ago, I was one of those girls who wanted thigh gaps, slim arms, and a flat belly. Now I couldn’t care less if my arms get a little bit bigger each day, cos that’s the ultimate goal now anyway. I used to be a cardio bunny but now you can’t make me let go of my iron. BS has taught me so much, from the technical stuff (i.e. knowing how your body works with different routines, doing lots of research) to personal development – being commited to your goals, mustering enough discipline and self-control, working hard towards being a better version of yourself. But most importantly, BS showed me that there are people out there who actually care, not for your physique, or with how much you can lift, but because they respect you as an individual and they really want to help you, or at least be there for you (virtually) in your fitness journey.

To everyone who has been able to keep track of my progress, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for believing in me despite my tendency to fall apart at times. You all make me stronger.


Bae Milanes

Bae is a 20-something passion blogger from Manila. She likes hoarding hobbies and trying out new stuff, blogging about her mundane adventures, and tweeting about random realizations and musings.

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