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Gym Gear Essentials: What To Wear During Your Workout

Following my recent blog posts on  5 gym equipment you should invest in, and alternative gym equipment for your home workout, I’m publishing a relevant topic. This time, let’s focus on gym gear, clothes, and accessories. I don’t want to leave you hanging so call this a 3-part blog post if you may, but it’s also relatively important to be mindful of what you wear in the gym.  I actually wrote a snippet about this a year ago because I can’t stress enough the importance of wearing proper attire. If not for the dress code, at least do it to allow more mobility and for you to perform at your best. 

There’s this guy in the gym that I’ve seen wearing capri pants too many times, and every time, I just wanna walk to him and ask if he can change.

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Let’s take a look at my list. 

Gym Gloves 

Price range: PH 300 to PH 1,000+

Some people are fine with working out with bare hands. But if you don’t want rust or dirt on your hands especially if you’re going to do a lot of floor exercises, opt for a good pair of gym gloves. This also helps prevent callous, injuries, accidents, and blisters. Ultimately, the purpose of a lifting glove is to help you get a better grip on the equipment. Working out can cause your hands to sweat, making it slippery to hold bars and heavy objects. This can lead to accidents like you dropping a plate on your foot or worse, a barbell hitting you on the face because it keeps slipping from your hands.

There have been a couple of times that I forgot to bring my gloves to the gym. Unfortunately for me, those were days that I intended to lift heavy. The result? I went home with calloused hands.

How  To Care For Your Gym Gloves

It took me a while to find the right gloves for me. I’ve tried about 2-3 pairs before I found The One. It is recommended that you wash your gloves in the sink or shower with just soap and water. Take them with you while you shower and just scrub them with your hands. Or soak them in a basin with lukewarm water and soap after your workout. Don’t wash them in the machine together with your clothes because the material might harden and tighten (like what happened with mine), making it uncomfortable to wear in your next workout sesh.

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I recommend:  Adidas Gym Gloves (PH  800 to 1,000+). My current gloves from this brand work excellently. I can wash them in the washing machine without the material getting soiled or stiff. My previous gloves shrunk when I put them in the machine and the inside parts starting rubbing off so it would always leave black crusty bits on my hands.

A friendly advice: Don’t go cheap on your gloves. Trust me on this one. PH 1,000 off your wallet is better than several PH 300  off in just one year.  Yes, Lionsdale, I’m talking about you.

PS: You don’t need gloves if you’re just doing focused cardio. Gym gloves are typically recommended for weight lifters. 


Price range:  PH 1,000+

I can’t stress this enough – it’s very important to have the right footwear for whatever exercise or sports you’re doing. Going running? Go for actual running shoes. Doing squats and all that gym weights stuff? Go flat. Chucks would do. That’s what I personally use. But more often than not, I remove my shoes to squat only in my socks. Don’t worry, my gym has a hard flooring.  Going boxing? Get something flat and light. Do your research. And don’t buy according to color. But according to function.

All throughout your exercise, no matter what it is, you’ll be resting your body weight on your feet for the most part. Don’t  jeopardize your form or feet’s comfort for style. Go for what you need, not what you want. Also, some people just like using whatever shoes they have and using it for everything.  Don’t make the same mistake. Do your research, read product reviews, seek advice from your friends who do the same exercise. Just don’t grab your old pair because it’s good enough or will do for now or go to a sports store and buy the first pair you see.

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Sports Bra 

Price range: PH 400 to PH 1,000+

Men, you can skip this item. Or not. Let me raise awareness for the women in your life.

I see A LOT of women working out wearing ordinary bras. Ladies, please. Do your ladies a favor and wear a sports bra. It’s imperative that you protect those tatas from all the hard work it’s going to go under once you start jumping around and stuff.  Being a big girl with big tits larger than her future, I know the struggle. I live with that struggle (sometimes beauty) every single day. I’m a 40+ B and it irks me that even sports brands don’t even understand the importance of accurate measurement.  Don’t tag your sports bra an XL if it’s only going to fit an M, por favor. We’re not in Lilliput Island. Know what I’m saying? 

To be completely honest, I didn’t see the importance of wearing the right sports bra until I finally found the right one for me. I noticed how it completely supported my breasts sans the awkward bumps or back rolls. Guess where I  buy my bras? *drumrol please*


Yes, oh yes.  They have a wide variety of sports bra but I only buy a specific style.  I have them in several colors and they’re all I wear now. They come in quality, too, and the price is pretty reasonable. 

I recommend:  H&M Sports Bra, PH 899

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Gym Pants/Shorts 

Price range: (for good quality) PH 1,000+

Lastly, invest in a good pair of bottoms.  Go for quality, not for style. Go for function, not for aesthetics. It might look cool, sure, but does it work for you? Can your skin breathe? Can you even move in it? Notice how I didn’t include the top? Because it doesn’t really matter what top you’re wearing. I personally work out in my sports bra and shorts at home 1) to save clothes, 2) to let my skin breathe, and 3) to see if I’m doing the proper forms. 

I recommend:  Cotton On Gym Pants  (PH 1,000+), Cotton On  Booty Shorts (PH 800+), and Adidas  Shorts w/  Inner Lining (PH 1,000+)

As much as Cotton On has quite shitty material for their clothes (two washes and they go bacon), it has a pretty good selection of quality gym pants. I have a couple of gym leggings from them and they’re pretty sturdy. Cotton On, like other fasyown brands, change rack clothes quickly. You can take advantage of this if you like collecting gym pants. They also come in chic designs so yay! As with the Adidas shorts – this one’s a lifesaver, to be honest. It’s the exact pair of shorts I’ve been looking for. It has a good material (really soft, but also very comfortable and sturdy) and comes with an inner lining, which is really helpful if you want to avoid sneak peeks to your butt cheeks or your underwear. 

Bottoms don’t come at cheap prices, but I assure you that you’ll be paying for quality, not the brand’s name.

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And that’s where my list ends. 🙂  Everything else is totally up to you. The items I included in this list are purely non-negotiables. Per usual, I focused on dry exercises. For example, swimming is a completely different story and requires a different set of list.  

Do you have anything to add to the list?

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