VLOG • Gym Vlog | The Supermoon | Mojos For Dinner

VLOG • Gym Vlog | The Supermoon | Mojos For Dinner


VLOG ALERT ?  DAY VLOG: Gym & Supermoon • 11/14/2016

Today, I did a 2-in-1 vlog. I shot a day vlog and a gym vlog. How productive is that?! As I was going about with my day, I also shot some footages in the gym. I’ll be doing a separate vlog for that so stay tuned! Oh, and yeah, I also saw the supermoon. ?  It wasn’t a joke. My brother and I went out in the streets and stayed there just to take shots of the supermoon. It being the Philippines, of course, almost all pedestrians just HAD to look at us and check out what we’re looking at. LOL.

Anyway, go check out my vlog! And if you haven’t yet, please SUBSCRIBE! I would highly appreciate it. 

Watch here: http://bit.ly/2fVSHJN

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