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Jec and I’s Valentine’s Day Date @ Galileo Enoteca Deli ?

I know I’m a few days late, but it’s better late than never, right? It took me a while to decide if I want to publish this blog post or not because I only took a few and low-quality photos. But, at the end of the day, I decided to share with you all how Jec and I’s Valentine’s Day went because 1) I found a hidden gem in Mandaluyong that you might like and 2) I really enjoyed our date despite the mishaps. Yes, there were flaws!

We had our date on February 13th since it was also his day off work. Anyway, this is how our Valentine’s Day went.

Jec picked me up at 5 pm, so I still had time to workout and do some work earlier that morning. Our reservation was between 5 to 7:45 pm although they’re not really strict with the time. Maybe it was just to allow enough time to the other diners. We took a cab going to Galileo Enoteca Deli and even missed a few streets – it was that hidden! I somehow felt the cab driver knew where it was because he would suggest routes that opposed Jec’s. Anyway, it was still daytime when we got there, so I didn’t find the ambiance romantic at first. Take note: at first.


When we arrived, the servers were still preparing the cheese and wine buffet table, and a couple was waiting to be seated. It was a bit awkward at first because we were just standing there near the doorway, which was a bit cramped. When we finally got seated, the first thing I noticed were the rose petals on the table. I’d say it was a sweet gesture.

It took us a while to decide what food to get because I didn’t want to spend a lot while Jec was fine with anything. I thought it would be more sulit to get the package meal so that’s what we availed. You can read more information here. We started with the Cheese and Wine Buffet. I enjoyed my plate of cheese although I only got slices of this and that. It was enough to fill up the “appetizer portion” in my tummy. Kudos to our server (I didn’t get his name. Huhu) – he was very accommodating!

A beautiful selection of Italian Cheeses & Variety of Italian Wines. A wine expert will guide you with your wines.

I’m not a huge fan of wine, so I didn’t really enjoy the wine buffet. LOL. I thought Galileo would change my mind, but nope, it only confirmed my non-preference of wine. Jec and I took our time eating our plates of cheese and just feeling fancy, which we’re not used to. It seemed awkward knowing we’re used to eating at cheap places, but since a fancy date seldom happens, we just enjoyed it. 🙂

My beautiful date ❤️

Next, we were served suppli. Jec and I even debated whether the suppli was made of rice or potato. It looked like a massive round of meatball but with a  polished finish. The outside looked like that of hash browns’, but inside it looked like mashed potatoes with tomato sauce. While eating, I noticed how I tasted actual rice, and I could also tell by the shape and size that they were not potato bits. True, they were rice, as said so by the chef, too. Haha.

SUPPLI: Italian rice balls with Bolognese sauce

The pizza was good, nothing really fancy. Jec liked the arugula; I didn’t. It seems to me Jec loves either spicy or bitter food. He loved the wine and the arugula on the pizza. Anyway, those plates were to be shared by two. We thought they were just small servings and we could just pick what we liked. Like, I would have the pizza and he would have the suppli. It turns out that we both have to share all the meals served so you could say we were pretty full by the time we finished eating. We even had our leftovers to go because we couldn’t finish everything.

Me trying to look cute while eating

But wait, there’s more. We still had a plate of potatoes and a plate of pasta left. And then there’s still dessert! The potato dumplings were good. I would sound a bit biased here because I generally love potatoes. It was really creamy and the potato dumplings were really soft, almost like a thick soup. The cream tasted like carbonara sauce, but a bit sweeter, I guess? But wait for it – the pasta (OMG, the pasta), it was something else! With the first forkful I had, I knew Jec was going to love it, and he did!

Creamy Baked cheese potato dumplings. Cacio e Pepe spaghetti (This will be cooked on the pecorino cheese wheel near your table)

I’m glad we experienced the cheese wheel meal that night! The pasta was cooked on the pecorino cheese wheel just beside our table so it was really a delight to see. I can’t describe in detail how it tasted but it was really good! By that time, we were already having a hard time finishing our food. Imagine all the meals we had had cheese in it! I even joked that if you’re going to bring someone there, make sure your date isn’t lactose intolerant. 😛


For dessert, we had panna cotta and tiramisu. As far as I can remember, it was the first time I tasted legit tiramisu because all tiramisu’s I’ve tasted before were too cakey. 😛 I find their tiramisu too damp so I didn’t like it that much. Is that how a real tiramisu should taste like? Please enlighten me. On the other hand, Jec and I really enjoyed the panna cotta. It tastes more delicious when mixed with the chocolate syrup, in my opinion.


When we finally left Galileo, we decided to go to Tago Jazz Bar in Cubao where Jec said his friend was performing that night. My adorable boyfriend didn’t notice the difference in the spelling so we went to the wrong place. A little background story: ever since we met, I couldn’t stop yapping about this jazz bar that I want to check out. I thought he was going to bring me there. Apparently, his friend was playing at Taggo Bar, not Tago (hidden). See the difference? Anyway, now I know why we couldn’t agree on the directions – we were looking at two different places but thought we were looking for Tago. Oh my. Tago is closed on Mondays and, obviously, the friend wasn’t there as well. We had not choice but to walk. Good thing that Taggo Bar was just in the area.

We first ditched the plan of going there so we went to Cubao Expo. I didn’t find anything interesting there – I found the crowd lousy and too quiet – so we stopped at the restaurants near Ali Mall to decide where we’re going next. That’s when Jec realized we had the right address but were looking at the wrong place. It was a really long walk. If I’m not mistaken, it took us like 30 minutes to get to Taggo Bar. It was just windy and we were talking nonstop so I didn’t mind it much. I was already pooped when we got there so I settled for an orange juice instead of beer. I met Lance Fabros for the first time. For you who don’t know him, his band, Inner Core, competed at Pilipinas Got Talent. He also individually joined ABS-CBN’s Tawag Ng Tanghalan and The Voice Philippines.

We stayed at the bar for about two hours and listened to two sets. I will be uploading the videos on my YouTube Channel. By the way, I made a new playlist there, so if you want to check it out, you can find gig videos there under Gig/Music. The cab ride going home took just about 10 minutes. There were not many cars on the road since it was already past midnight that time.


When Jec dropped me off, he left his bag in our house so he went back for it the next day. I was craving for chocolates at that time, so I asked him if he could buy some bars for me. I was surprised that he had one more gift for me. He got me this box of roses, which he was supposed to give me on the 13th, but it didn’t arrive by the time he left his house to pick me up. LOL. But it was just timely for Valentine’s Day so I’m not complaining. 😛

How was your Valentine’s Day?


  • Dianne Kathreen

    Gosh, that’s just so sweet! ❤ I’m living near Mandaluyong and will definitely check this place out. I always wanted to try this kind of fancy dinner even just for once. Cheese and wine is just so perfect together. Aaaah, love this! ??

  • Augustin Ra

    Awwwee. I can feel the kilig here, Ate Bae. I even showed this post to my mom. She even told me that I should send this to my aunt and ask her if she already went to that fine restaurant. I love Italian food. I love italian pastas while my boyfriend likes Pinoy pasta more. Lol. I also like it when my mom cooks Italian pasta and only use real tomatoes as the tomato sauce. It’s just ah, heaven for my tongue. I guess, it’s because my mom used to be a chef in a hotel where she cooked a lot of foreign cuisines. She even tries to cook filipino cuisines but somehow fails in a good way because of the twists that she puts on her cookings. ?

      • Augustin Ra

        Not really, though. Especially when having a supply of the needed ingredients is a problem unlike in Manila. I also used to cook foreign cuisines and they’re pretty much consumed a lot of my time and attention.

        • Bae Milanes

          Ah, true! Even here, mahirap din minsan humanap ng ingredients. But there’s a silver lining there – you can experiment with different local ingredients and come up with your own dish!

  • Da Dominguez

    So this is where it went down. Did you reserve this place or he did? The place looks really intimate and romantic! And a fancy dinner date from time to time wouldn’t hurt. ? But the heart-box full of roses got put me in awe!!! Sometimes it’s the littlest gestures that makes me kilig talaga. ?

    • Bae Milanes

      What I like about the box of flowers is hindi na siya malalanta kasi it’s already preserved, and mabango 🙂 although artificial na yung amoy.

      He reserved for us! When I saw it online, gusto ko talaga i-try. I showed him, sabi niya may nadala na syang girl dun so I backed out (seems shallow pero long story!) pero I set my pride aside kasi mukhang ang ganda talaga nung place. No regrets! Solid ng experience namin dun tska sobrang nakakabusog yung food, to think gutom ako that time. 😛

  • Jhanz

    Awww sweetie pie!!! 🙂 Ang ganda naman ng Galileo. Would love to come but I’m afraid that it can get expensive bec it’s such a fancy place! And YEHEY with the cheese wheel! I LOVE CHEESE WHEELS! Sobrang favorite ko sya tho I only tried it twice sa Cibo. -_-

    • Bae Milanes

      It’s so good. AS IN. It’s definitely something I would recommend should you invite Mark to go there. It is expensive nga. I won’t even filter it to “kinda expensive”. Haha. A plate already costs 300-400 for one person. But it was worth it for us kasi ang daming food included in the package. I’d go back there if we can shell out that much money again.

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