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Unionbank Hackathon 3.0 | Pre-Hack Concert

Last Friday, November 25, my brother, Mari of Mari Milanes Photography, and I were invited to cover the U:Hac Pre-Concert Hackathon Event at PBA Cafe in Pasig. Ultimately, the goal was to announce what will happen on the event itself, which was held last November 26-27, as well as the prizes, mechanics, and other coverages of the event such as the topics the hackers can cover in their apps. It was a fun event, to say the least. Everyone was in a light mood despite the traffic jam, the sudden rain, and it being a Friday night. After all the technical talks, jokes to lighten up the mood included, all the special guests and participants danced the night away with Freestyle’s danceable numbers.


Mr. Edwin Bautista (President and Chief Operating Officer, Unionbank), Mr. Henry Aguda (Senior Executive Vice President, Chief Technology and Operations Manager, Chief Transformation Officer, Unionbank), and Mr. Martin Lopez-Vito (Financial Services Executive, Country Brand Leader, IBM Hybrid Cloud) all graced the event to share important information about the upcoming Hackathon event, as well as to warmly welcome the hackers.


As discussed, the prizes for the winners would be as follows:

Grand prize: P80,000
2nd Place: P60,000
3rd Place: P40,000

Here’s the catch: the grand prize winners would have double the prize if they choose to create a digital banking solution.

Overall, the pre-concert hack event had a light mood. It had a 100% success rate, seeing that all the guests and participants had a good time. They threw away their banker hats for a night and put on their party hats. See how the event transpired in the video below.


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