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I’ve Been Tagged! TravelBook.PH X LazerXtreme Blogging Event

Last March  26, 2017, I was invited by Travel  Book PH to attend the TravelBook.PH X LazerXtreme Blogger Event. Since I had no idea what LazerXtreme is about, I thought we were going to literally play guns outdoors. LOL. Talk about being naive. But overall, it was indeed an afternoon filled with fun, bonding, learnings, and new friends. I was hesitant to go at first because the venue is far from my place, but I ended up having more fun than  I expected and I even bagged lots of prizes, which seldom happens for an unlucky girl like me (Read: I don’t even win at bingo games)!

When I got to the Lazer Xtreme branch in Market! Market!, I was the first blogger to arrive, so I had lots of time to kill. I waited for the others by familiarizing myself with the mall and grabbing a quick and light lunch. Come 2:30 pm and everyone was already gathered in the function room.  We started with introductions. Everyone was given an opportunity to introduce themselves and their blogs, such as what their niches are, how long they have been blogging, and the like.

After discussing some details about Travel Book PH, Travel Affiliate  Program, and LazerXtreme,  we went out to have our first game. We were grouped according to numbers and I got to play along with a fellow blogger I’ve known even before the event, Nikko of  Nikcoffee.  It was my first time to play LazerXtreme so I was all over the place at first. I didn’t know what to expect and I also am not a good shooter, which actually made me nervous. Haha. All I know was we were going to sweat a lot, judging from the previous players that exited the arena before we got in.

Upon entering the room before the arena, we were made to watch the video on how to play LazerXtreme. Apparently, we couldn’t run, tackle other players physically, play rough, and the like, which was a real bummer. I think some of us were actually looking forward to playing rough. LOL. Just kidding!  We were all pretty competitive. Some bloggers already had their strategies since they’ve already played LazerXtreme before while some (like me) felt completely lost and was on the verge on quitting because I kept “dying”. We weren’t supposed to bring our phones with us since we wouldn’t be able to use them inside anyway, so Nikko and I left our phones in the room. Huge mistake. HAHA. Everyone else brought theirs. During the game, we didn’t have pictures except for the ones the Travel Book PH organizers took.

Team Haggard Pero Beauty Pa Rin

 It was a pretty fun game, overall. In the end, guess who even won? OUR TEAM! Yes! During the quick break, the winning team was announced and each member was given a prize. On top of that, I won one of the raffle prizes, which seldom happens, so I’m really glad I won! For the snacks, iced tea, pizza, and spaghetti were served. The buffet was open for everyone so we could go for as many rounds as we liked.

Since LazerXtreme’s manager was feeling generous, we were allowed to play another round of LazerXtreme. Of course, I wouldn’t miss it for the world! I went ahead and played with the other bloggers again. Some stayed behind in the room to rest (and perhaps eat more? 😉 hehe).  This time, I knew how to play better. Of course, I didn’t abide by the “no running” rule. 😛 I wanted more points so I went after the other players instead of hiding and waiting for them to pass by.  At the end of the second game, we were all sweating like crazy. It was fun, though! Good thing I had an extra shirt with me. Oh, and we got to play the second game with the Travel Book PH organizers! It was fun because we were all targeting them. 😛 It was all for play, though. Nothing personal. Haha. For this round, we won second place, but I don’t mind because my player went up the rank. From #11, I managed to go up to #6. Not bad for a first timer! 😛

After playing, we went back to the function room, freshened up, and had photo ops. I made new friends and I even followed them on social media. It was a breath of fresh air talking to new people with the same interest – blogging. While I’ve attended blog events here and there in the past, I don’t really engage with them. So I’m grateful for Travel Book PH for coming up with this event. It’s not just about gaining Internet points, but gaining new friends, too. I personally think that authentic engagements are important since blogging is a highly public career/hobby. Events like this also allow me to shine through and slowly get rid of my anxiety.

Ron Luna, winner of the LazerXtreme GCs Facebook Contest

From traveling to an unfamiliar place to playing a new game to meeting different people, it was indeed a Sunday afternoon well spent!  Learn more about LazerXtreme and Travel Book PH by clicking the links!


About Travel Book PH 

TravelBook is a joint venture of Summit Media (Summit Publishing Co. Inc) and Recruit Global Incubation Partners, Inc. started in 2010 as the largest online catalog for Philippine hotels and resorts with 3,500 listings. After launching the inline hotel booking service in 2013, they geared for rapid growth: in the first four months alone, they affiliated 600 hundred partners and averaged 185,000 unique visitors monthly. Now they have over 1,700 partner hotels and have reached a peak of 350,000 unique visitors as well as 2 million page views monthly.  They have continuously opened destinations and have partnered with the best hotels in each location from budget to luxury.



About LazerXtreme 

LazerXtreme is one of the leaders in the sci-fi entertainment in the Philippines, offering Laser Tag in the country. Located at Market! Market! Mall in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, it provides a great alternative to people of all ages looking for an exhilarating straight-out-of-the-movies experience that is stimulated in a safe and secure environment. Boasting state-of-the-art laser tag equipment and world-class arenas, LazerXtreme lets gamers be in the futuristic, heart-stopping missions, and live to tell the tale.


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