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Things I Learned While Waiting for My NBI Clearance 

# 1: You will have time to write a blog post while waiting

You will become resourceful

I only had my laptop, phone, and wallet with me. I didn’t have any other major things. Aside from that, I have some crumpled paper bills, lipsticks, pens, and a comb in my bag. Oh, and my cables. I didn’t have an Internet connection, 3G on my phone, or a wireless Internet stick. But I came prepared. I charged my laptop and my phone to its full battery before leaving, and I have pens with me just in case.

I got my number, sat on the stairs alongside a hundred more people waiting, and went to work. Midway, I found myself stuck with the next article I’m gonna write. I didn’t have any saved articles for reference and I didn’t have an Internet connection to let me search online. I had to be resourceful and make do with what I had.

2 hours, 2 articles, and a sore butt later, I realized that I could only do so much with limited topic knowledge and a 46% battery, which was starting to go down fast. I had two more hours to work but that would have to wait until I got home. I tried asking for a piece of paper from the food concessionaires but I doubt they have any except for their record book, which I can’t use obviously.I was about to buy a green apple book from Office Warehouse but the line was taking too long so I ditched the store. I could have shopped around in Watsons beside it but my number might be called anytime soon and I didn’t want to spend any more.

You will know your surroundings better

After I closed my laptop, I got up and looked for a comfort room. The waiting area was designated on two pillars of staircases with an escalator in between. I wasn’t sure where that would lead to but I assumed it would be an easier route since the NBI center was at the far dead end of the floor level.

I tried to explore and I found out that if I go up that escalator, it would lead me to Yellow Cab, Bo’s Coffee, the computer cafe lounge, and basically the part of the mall where they sell mobile phones, cheap pocketbooks, and Chinese paraphernalia for sale. On the other end are clothes stalls and other shops. So far, I found two comfort rooms already, but the one near the Chinese stuff stall is nearer to the NBI waiting area.

You will be bored

I had my laptop with me. I was able to write two articles in two hours and I could have just proceeded until my hands bled from typing, but I also took this waiting game as a chance to do nothing and worry about nothing. For the record, I really wanted to allocate time for this without pulling my hair out of irritation and impatience so I woke up early to work on as much articles as I could.

Sometimes we need a little break from life and I take this moment as that. But I became bored eventually and I could only walk for so long cos I couldn’t walk too far from the area or I might miss my number. I had a book with me a bunch of unread articles on my phone but I honestly didn’t feel like being too smart that time.

Just picture me sitting on the stairs with my legs spread (don’t worry, I’m wearing shorts), my butt sore, and eyebrows slightly furrowed. Yeah, I didn’t think you’d be in the mood to be smart, too. And I got so bored that I started imagining a conversation in my head with this guy who was sitting in front of me until I realized that I missed my number so I made a mad dash to the queue.

NBI’s system sucks

The first time I went here, which was just last week, the person assisting the applicants and calling out numbers was more organized. He intentionally barks out the numbers so everyone knows who’s next or how long they’d still wait. This time, I got to the center and there was no guard to assist me. I didn’t know where to get my number and the guard at the store in front of the NBI area didn’t know what he was saying, so I had to find my own way. In short, NBI’s system is inconsistent.

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