The Law Of Attraction

The Law Of Attraction

I didn’t know I was attracting things in my life – both good and bad – but apparently I was. Now I can truly say: The Law of Attraction works.

For a couple of months now, I’ve been feeling frustrated on having new books. I didn’t necessarily want to huy new books – I just wanted to grow my collection. And there was a free and legal way to do it – The Bookstop Project. TBSP moves locations every couple of months, and each time, I would be so determined to go yet I never got the chance. Location too far, no company, too lazy to go. I always had my reasons (or excuses).

But slowly, my goal was being fulfilled. I was gaining new books every couple of months. Last Christmas, I bought myself 2 books – those were my gifts to myself. These books I’ve been trying to score for a long time now. There were times I unearthed good books from our bookshelf as I decluttered. Not necessarily newly purchased, but still new to my eyes. Then a friend bought me a book at a cheap price.


At a different time, I would constantly find myself unfocused on my work. Every time I raised my eyes from my laptop screen, I’d see clutter everywhere.

And so when Christmas break came, I seized the opportunity and decluttered everything I could. Now I have fewer clothes, but which I cherish. I was able to donate stuff to charity and now I see less clutter around me when I take a break from work.


On a different note, I always found it hard to communicate my feelings with my partner. I was always so hesitant to say how I really felt for fear that it would lead to an argument. And each time, that fear would turn into reality. We would fight over the little things. It was exhausting.

And oftentimes, I would wish how we could just communicate our feelungs with no filter and just be really open with each other like how couples should be. I guess my endless prayers worked because soon enough, we were discussing more than debating, there was more care in our words, we were more understanding with each other, and at the end of the day, we resolved conflicts because we communicated and not argued.


On the other hand, Law of Attraction goes both ways. You attract what you think. Or as they say, thoughts become things. Every time I would screw up at work, I’d obsess over it nonstop. “My boss is gonna find out. I’d get reprimanded.” And it would only take a couple of days for that thought to happen in real life.

I’m watching The Secret on Netflix as I write this and I plan to do further research on the topic to better understand the concept. Maybe I can write another blog post on it. If not, then just watch how my life unfolds – you’d know what I’m attracting. 😉

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