blog series,  The Sunday Currently

The Sunday Currently | Volume 12

Reading: The Game by Neil Strauss. This book is genius but I can’t read everything in one sitting or my brain would harden then melt from too much information.

Writing: The Sunday Currently Volume & a blog post inspired by Jec (for the nth time)

Listening: To some funky 70’s (?) music on the radio. Mom’s listening while cleaning around, which I don’t get, by the way, because what is the purpose of hiring a help who comes every weekend to clean around if you can’t stop fussing about? Anyway..

Thinking: Of buying new lipsticks soon because I’m not always on a makeup hype, but when I am, I want to give in.

Smelling: The aroma of a strong cup of coffee, freshly deep fried kamote cuts, and fresh air.. or so I hope. So nope, not smelling anything in particular right now. I fail in that department almost always.

Wishing: Somebody, anybody buys from the stash of makeup I’m selling on Beauty Exchange Philippines (Facebook) soon so I can indulge on new makeup without spending so much of my pocket money.

Hoping: That my legs would stop hurting soon, that my mom would stop fussing about dirt and untidiness in the house (it’s a never-ending cycle, ma), and that I’d have enough motivation to work easily tomorrow. We gotta start treating Mondays like Fridays, people, seriously.

Wearing: A loose grey workout t-shirt (no bra under, of course, because Sunday, hello), boxer shorts, glasses, an IDGAF bun, Adidas flip flops, and this pair of calf-high dinosaur socks I found in my mom’s closet. My legs have been feeling cold since yesterday. Damn the rain.

Loving: THE FACT THAT I DIDN’T GIVE IN THAT EASILY TO SPLURGE ON LIPSTICKS THAT APPARENTLY DON’T SUIT ME WELL. Hah, who’s the real winner here? Thank God for department stores that allow swatches. They remind me of my bad taste in lipstick shades.

Wanting: Money. LOL. Who doesn’t? But seriously, I just want to make up on my bad slumber last night. I didn’t sleep well and the tiredness is starting to kick in.

Needing: Good sleep. Like, a week’s worth of it. And needing to stop dreading Mondays. You should, too.

Feeling: Sleepy, cold on the legs, sticky pretty much elsewhere because a humid weather and sudden rain do not sit well with me.

Clicking: On my blog, on my e-mail, and on blog posts by other bloggers. Did I actually call myself a blogger? Heh.

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