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The Sunday Currently Vol. 9

I don’t understand why I don’t do The Sunday Currently series enough, seeing that this is only my ninth volume. But anyway, here we go.

Reading I want to say I’m catching up on reading other people’s blogs, but I’m not. So, shame. 🙁 I haven’t had the intellectual vibe to continue reading Remembering/Rethinking EDSA just yet, but I just got a new book, which is Cecelia Ahern’s The Gift, and it’s such a feel-good read! Somehow I was captivated by it and I don’t regret buying it at all even if I was on a tight budget then.

Writing Just this TSC volume. I just finished writing a Pinterest article earlier for a writing gig.

Listening To the #PilipinasDebate2016 on ABS-CBN. I was fuming earlier because my Shane’s Spotify premium just expired earlier today and I don’t want him to pay for it anymore, but I’m heartbroken because I worked hard to compile my songs and update my playlist when I can and now I can’t access it anymore. Anyway, I’m still thinking if I really want to contact Shane for his login information. This is my downfall as a girlfriend – I suck at memorising passwords.

Thinking How incompetent some of my Presidential candidates can be at the most crucial stage of their lives as supposed leaders of this country in each of their own ways. I cannot. I’m also wondering why I still don’t have any family and it’s already 7:37 PM, Sunday. Yow fam, did ya’ll got stuck in traffic in the grocery aisle or what. 

Smelling Fried brown rice that I cooked earlier. Quick tip: if you think your rice is about to go bad, fry it. It will prolong its edibility. On second thought, I’m starting to smell my mom’s fried tilapia.

Wishing It was already tomorrow because I honestly can’t wait to be alone again and work on these articles that I actually miss writing. I am so done with travel articles. I don’t even know how others do it.

Hoping It wasn’t so hot here in the Philippines and that the climate would just calm the heck down. Wait, that’s not really what I’m hoping for, but whatever. There’s that.

Wearing A Cotton On tank top and a pair of boxer shorts. Hair down, just burning, not chillin’. Definitely not chillin’.

Loving How I made a new friend overnight. Fingers crossed this one’s not a sociopath .

Wanting For it to be tomorrow already. And food. I only ate once today and why I didn’t bother fixing a meal for myself is beyond me. Also wanting to watch another Netflix series, finally compile all my songs again on Spotify if I can even swallow my pride, read all my pending to-read books, and put more quality content on my blog. Everything is beginning to be nothing but routinary and I even suck at marketing. What’s a girl to do?

Needing The Instagram widget on my blog’s footer, and a featured post widget that won’t interfere with my current theme. Oh, and I also need to lose weight because I’m sick of seeing and feeling my rolls every single day, more each day.

Feeling Sticky, hungry, and dizzy. I’m also confused how these Presidential candidates came to realize they are actually fit for the position. It just seems they’re all kids playing at a park. Sadly, that park is The Philippines.

Clicking The Bae Blogs, Facebook, Netflix, Google, and PicMonkey.

What about you? How’s your Sunday treating you?



      What did you mean new bl0g? New blog post? haha. It’s crazy how I get a lot of mood swing during Sunday. Pag ang dami kong feeling, I feel like writing Sunday Currently. Then while writing, iba na ulit nangyayari. Haha. Kaloka beh, should I be glad I’m not voting?

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