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The Sunday Currently | Vol. 13

Wait, really? This is just my 13th TSC volume?

Reading: The Elephant Vanishes by Haruki Murakami and The Big Fat Book of Self-Love by Stacy and Danah Gutierrez. I alternate between the two depending on my mood. But I really want to pursue The Elephant Vanishes because I suck at finishing books, but I’m already 23, so it’s about time I break that habit.

Writing: This volume, and some draft posts. I think I have three drafts waiting to be touched, all because I can’t stop thinking of personal shenanigans to write about, but they’re all so deep and personal that it requires effort and concentration, which I have none of at the moment.

Listening: To the sound coming from the electric fan. Chewy barks every once in a while. It’s his favorite past time, and it’s very annoying.

Thinking: I should stop shopping online and start handling my finances better. I really, really suck at keeping my expenses to a minimum because I can’t do estimates. I always think petty expenses are not material, but just wait for them to pile up.

Smelling: Nothing in particular.

Wishing: I wasn’t so obsessed with thinking about everything that affects my life. I’m such a worry-wart and even though nothing is happening and I’m just thinking with my head, it’s exhausting, and with the nature of my work, a messy train of thoughts could be the worst weapon, ever.

Hoping: I would make lots of money from my writing gig to add to my 15th pay this month because I have a lot of saving and paying to do, hopefully in that order.

Wearing: A tank top from Cotton On (seriously, I don’t get why I officially made this into a house shirt when it’s so nice), a pair of boxers, and messy hair.

Loving: My new two notebooks, which I just started using yesterday, my new Titus pens, and those bars I had from Purple Oven. I want more but I suspect those are the ones making me feel very sleepy right now. Sweets and coffee make me sleepy, is that weird?

Wanting: A shower. A copy of the September issue of L’Officiel with Kim Jones on the cover. Money. Peaceful sleep. A nice camera to improve my photography skills. A decent pair of black slippers for when I’m too lazy to wear shoes going out. A vacation from writing, because I love writing but, let’s face it, it’s pretty dragging sometimes. More: Sleek’s Birthday Suit, BYS liquid lipstick, Maybelline’s Creamy Brown Nudes. OMG, kill me now.

Needing: Peaceful sleep and a calm state of mind.

Feeling: Sleepy, cranky, stinky. But pretty excited because Jec and I are going to Escolta tomorrow. To know why I’m so excited to go to a “dirty” place, you’ll soon find out. Just kidding, it’s nothing big. I just want to do some street photography and see poor people so I’d be reminded that I can’t have everything I want (refer to ‘wanting’ list) and I should live within my means.

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