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The Sunday Currently | Vol. 10

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It’s not even Sunday anymore, but let’s do this anyway. I was doing a header earlier, but for some reason, I couldn’t save it. So I just chose another picture from Unsplash (just because) and re-made the header.

Again, nothing very substantial in between my TSC volumes, but that Break-Up blog post was a long one, I tell you.

Read here if you please: How To Move On After A Breakup: A Comprehensive List 

Reading Nothing in particular. I’m still stuck with The Gift and I haven’t touched my EDSA book in forever. I suck at reading, you guys. I’ve been meaning to read these workout programs, though. I need to, before they start rotting in my laptop again.

Writing An article for a client. Oh shit, I totally forgot to finish it. Why do you keep distracting yourself, Bae?!

Listening To all sorts of jazz all day. So far, I’ve gone from Frank Sinatra to Rod Stewart to Michael Bublé to Stevie Wonder, although Stevie’s music is not exactly jazz, but you get the idea.

Thinking Why I’m stubborn with sleeping early. I don’t feel human anymore. I don’t understand how my body refuses to sleep despite my body being exhausted. I just feel I waste time when I’m sleeping, even though we all know that’s a stupid logic. And then I find myself being extra tired the next day and it just all piles up in the weekend. This cycle is tiring me, man.

Also thinking of changing my theme because I’m starting to get bored with it and I can’t find the widgets I need.

Smelling Nada

Wishing I would finally sleep like a normal person.

Hoping I would stop sleeping late because I know I’m just going to get fatter if I keep doing this, which would just contradict my attempt at being healthy.

Wearing A pair of boxers and a tank top from Surplus

Loving MJ Cayabyab. OMG, I rarely like men’ss singing voices but his vocals is on fleek. He sings so clean. I deliberately waited for the credits to roll so I could see who was singing This Time’s Larawang Kupas in the movie.

Wanting Sleep and a nice black pen. Please restock, Muji.

Needing Sleep

Feeling Sleepy. Seriously, what is this headache?

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