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The Reason Why I Blog

I updated my About Me section. I thought it deserved a blog post, too. 

The “About Me” section of every blog is a challenge to write. What should the author reveal about himself? Should he keep it short and straight to the point or paragraphs long? Should his blog posts speak be enough to for himself or writing a listicle of 20 random things about him would most likely make every new reader stay on his blog a little longer and eventually make them constant readers?

I think I’ve already tried it all. So for a change, I’m writing this “About Me” with my blog’s perspective.

This is about The Bae Blogs.

I started blogging in 2000, if I’m not mistaken. I can look up my very first post or we can save our time and leave this information as is. Overall, it’s already been years since I entered what we call now “blogosphere”.

Like many others, I didn’t care about the views or likes. Maybe a little. But it wasn’t my world. I just wrote for the sake of documenting my life online. You could say I was writing for me. Blogging was my entertainment, so to speak. I blogged whatever I wanted to with no holds barred. Of course, that included embarrassing selfies and unnecessary details about my life.

Like others, I constantly changed my theme to ride with the trend. Glitters, sparkles, white background, minimal texts – I did what was “hot” at the moment. But I also gradually lessened the random posts and thought of things to write that could benefit others and not just me.

From my experiences, I would try to take it from a general audience’s perspective and not make a blog post solely about me. I didn’t – and still don’t – know what provoked me to do that. I guess it’s just who am, no further explanations needed.

In 2015, The Bae Blogs was born.

I bought my own domain and a hosting service, shelled out lots of hard-earned money to finally get started, transferred from to, and now here we are. I guess I just grew tired of being a nobody.

I’m not saying I’m already a somebody today, but I wanted to shift my focus on better content and engagement.

I grew tired of writing for myself. I knew I had it in my to provide information that others would be able to benefit from as well.

So I started blogging for others, and not just for me.

It’s quite a risk – what with today’s saturated blogging market. But if I could help even one person out there, I will keep writing. And that is why I continue to blog. No matter how much I doubt myself at times. No matter how great the pressure is. No matter how I’m still just here today.

At the back of my head, something tells me that this is also an online journal for my younger self. Growing up, I lacked guidance in almost every aspect of my life. You see, I’m a late bloomer, yet I continue to bloom. I see things later, but I still see them. It just takes me more time. So what I’ve learned now, I learned on my own.

A part of me strongly feels that this blog is for the younger Baes who might be experiencing the same obstacles I previously had.

In this blog, it’s my only prayer to be the “ate” (younger sister) I never had.

I know what it feels to have no one, be no one, and have nothing. It sucks.

And I don’t want any of you to feel the same way.

So here’s to being with each other, sans the physical presence. You can always reach out to me. I can be your “ate” if you let me.

May you grow in love and light,

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