The Manila Bae: Exploring Manila By Feet | Vol. 2

The Manila Bae: Exploring Manila By Feet | Vol. 2

I didn’t know that my The Manila Bae blog post would have a second volume. But since I don’t have a specific title for this blog post, I used The Manila Bae again. I hope you don’t mind. We did explore Manila. It’s just difficult to think of a particular title when we went to so many different places.

Anyway, Jec and I went on another #walkathon date. Why do I refer to it as that, you may ask. Well, for the simple reason that we literally walk the entire day until our feet hurt or we have nothing else to do or it starts raining and we have to head home or it’s getting dark, which makes it hard to commute. Any of those are valid reasons to call it a day. Anyway, a few hours of walking and taking photos are so worth it if you know the right (and nice) spots to visit.

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Two Sundays ago (September 25), I fetched Jec from work in the morning and then we took the bus from Ayala to the LRT station, then the train from Gil Puyat to Pedro Gil.

We alighted and walked from the train station to Adriatico St. We passed by the University of the Philippines Manila and Robinsons Manila where I stood for a few minutes to internally cry because we were already there but buying Pablo Cheesecake wasn’t on our itinerary. We also budgeted our date so we can’t splurge just like that, considering Pablo ain’t cheap.

Alay Lakad Starts… Now!

Jec keeps talking about this famous ramen in Malate and I couldn’t relate because 1) I am not really into ramens and 2) I haven’t tasted the one he keeps mentioning. We finally got to the place and right off the bat, I can say that it’s your typical streetside hawker. It’s nothing fancy so it’s also definitely not expensive.

I’m talking about Erra’s.

The ramen bowls are simple, there are just four choices, and you wouldn’t shell out more than 100 pesos, excluding the add-ons. Indeed, their ramen tastes pretty different from the ramen bowls I’ve tried in more sophisticated restaurants.

What’s noticeable is the foreigners that frequent the place, which makes the place more trustworthy. I mean, I personally wouldn’t go there just because, but spotting the other diners in different races immediately made me feel comfortable with the place. I noticed the flags on the ceiling and I thought they looked cute.

I think I had Shio. Jec had the Tantanmen, which was really spicy, but it made my Shio bowl taste 10x better when I poured a little of the spicy soup to my bowl.

“Let’s gonna eat! :)”

I didn’t go crazy on the photos because we were already hungry. I didn’t have breakfast before fetching him from work and it was already around 11 am that time, the perfect time to have brunch.

After eating, we walked deeper into the area and passed by Cafe Adriatico, The New Remedios Circle, Church of Malate, and Rajah Soliman Park.

When Alay Lakad Continues… 

Hello, Roxas Boulevard! 

A risky shot wherein I attempted to stand in the middle of the road and take a photo of the vehicles awaiting the green light. Clearly, I didn’t succeed. There were only a few seconds left when I took this photo. #buwisbuhay

We walked along Roxas Boulevard until we reached Harbour Square.

I saw this father and son along Roxas Boulevard and thought it was a picture eager to be captured.

According to Jec, this particular hotel is haunted. I don’t see why it’s not. LOL.

Jec teaching me the AE/AF LOCK feature on my camera.

Photographer starter pack: camera, fan, bored expression.

Finally at Harbour Square 

We stayed at Starbucks for an hour, I think. I wanted to try their new Teavana beverage (which I didn’t like, to be honest), but I also took the time to update my bullet journal while Jec and I rested our feet. We’ve already walked for 2.5 hours already that time.

Matcha and Espresso Fusion – Mocha Frappuccino

After, we resumed walking and finally got to Paseo Palisoc Circle. If you don’t know how to go there, then it should definitely be considered a hidden spot. You wouldn’t know what’s in store for you until you get there. Jec occasionally cycles with his friends and Palisoc is one of the places they frequent. They went there one time and he sent me a photo. I asked him to bring me there and so he did two Sundays ago. For a low-maintenance girl like me, it was a pretty sweet spot. It was very hot outside but it was also windy, so it made the heat bearable. I really enjoyed watching the flock of birds flying around. I even caught some nice shots! 🙂

Time for an intense photo dump. Brace yourselves!

Paseo Palisoc Circle 

It was heartbreaking to leave the place but we didn’t have anything else to do there, so we left the spot and walked back where we came from.

It was already 3:30 pm that time so it was getting hard to catch a jeep or a bus. We also didn’t know the proper loading area so we just took a cab.

It was a really tiring day, but it was also packed with memories, so I’m not complaining. 🙂

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