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FIRST OF MANY: The 8th International Pyromusical Competition + Bulalo Date

Last Saturday (March  18, 2017), Jec invited me to watch the 8th International Pyromusical Competition Finale with him at SM Mall Of Asia. For the last leg of the competition, Australia is the last country to show its firework displays. I thought it was going to be like watching fireworks on a New Year’s Eve, but it was actually more than that.  It was magnificent, up-close, and really magical. The fireworks made the sky look like a blank canvas splashed with all sorts of colors and patterns. Every time there would be a highlight of fireworks, everyone would exclaim in delight and amazement. It was a beautiful crowd. Everyone was so appreciative.

Apparently, many people look forward to the Pyromusical competition yearly. I’ve heard of it a few years back but I wasn’t interested in going because 1) I’m far from SM MOA and 2) I’m not particularly interested with fireworks. I mean, it’s just fireworks, great. My first experience was all sorts of rowdy and colorful, for lack of better terms. There were pros and cons, as there are in other events.

If you ask if I would go there again, yes, I would, but I would definitely buy the best ticket to get the best view. I think it would be all worth it if you get a really nice view. I wouldn’t mind paying much if one ticker higher means getting an unbeatable view and lesser audience to deal with. Our view in the GOLD section were some fireworks and some trees here and there. Oh, and yeah, phones in the air. Lots of phones in the air. You’ll see more of it in the succeeding photos.

Aside from that, I had a huge problem with the sound system. It was hard to listen to the orchestra because there was a delay in the audio.  I’m not sure if everyone else heard it, but it kinda pissed me off, especially because MORISETTE SANG A FEW SONGS. I mean, c’mon, SM, you’re better than that.

People left their trash everywhere, which was not really surprising. It just bothers me how people have this amazing ability to NOT CARE. There was even this lady who dumped some leftover popcorn on the floor to make a DIY fan for this kid she was with. She didn’t even dump the remains in a plastic bag or something. Worse, they left everything in the same spot when they left – the box of chicken meal, the popcorn carton, etc.

Anyway, it was somehow tiresome because the event started late (as per usual) so everything got delayed. The Australian fireworks were supposed to show at 7:30 pm and the Philippine fireworks at 8:30 pm. In reality, the show started at past 8 pm already and ended around 10 pm.


Jec and I were supposed to watch  Beauty & The Beast but there was a  hell of a lot of people in the cinemas also hoping to score tickets, so we just ditched that plan. We couldn’t decide on where to eat and there was no way we were leaving the area soon (darn traffic + full buses + zero cabs in sight), so we walked around back and forth til we got sore and eventually decided to  take a cab (past midnight!!!) and head to this Bulalo House in Mandaluyong. It was my first time to eat bulalo and  I’ll be damned, it was freaking good, I wanted to go back ASAP.

We got home at 3 am already. We spent kind of a long time in the bulalo house because of our spontaneous heart-to-heart talk. LOL. Despite the tiring traffic, the abundance of people, the long commute, the hunger, the risk of traveling late at night (or should I say really early in the morning), and the crankiness that came with being hungry,  it was a fulfilling day. I really enjoyed the fireworks, the food, and Jec’s company. We’re so used to spending long hours together whenever we head out that my mom isn’t anymore surprised when we go home past midnight. That’s a huge improvement, considering that my dates used to have time limits. ?

Have you seen the Pyromusical Competition before?


  • Da Dominguez

    Ughh yes, I really wonder how some people have the guts to just ruin everything. I mean, is it really that hard for you to look for a trash bin??? Or at least put it in a plastic bag?? They always rely on other people, like there are janitors/maintenance naman who will clean after them. Sobrang nakakainis yung ganung thinking! And to think na yun yung pinapakita niyang example to her kid? ???

    • Bae Milanes

      Yes! Sa totoo lang, janitors should be paid more for doing the dirty job. Alam ko in other countries, highly paid ang cleaners. Or at least mas decent kesa dito na parang barya barya lang. 🙁 It’s so annoying, but what can I do? Lalamunin lang ako ng inis ko. A lot of us care about the environment, pero mas malaki pa rin ung percentage na wapakels. Until they fix their values, it’s always gonna be the same thing.

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