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Dear Bae,


Bae Milanes

Bae is a 20-something passion blogger from Manila. She likes hoarding hobbies and trying out new stuff, blogging about her mundane adventures, and tweeting about random realizations and musings.

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Years ago, you didn’t worry so much about life. You were not exactly care-free but you just did what you have to do. You were not a straight A student, but Lord knows you tried your best. You didn’t get a degree with the course you wanted but you sucked it up and fought anyway, even when you felt you were fighting alone. Tracking grades wasn’t exactly your thing, and you were a little stubborn in college as well. All those years, you felt so alone. You thought nobody else was fighting the same battle because it seemed like everybody had their lives figured out. They had goals, you didn’t. You were simply following everybody else because you didn’t have a tad bit any idea what the heck to do with your life.

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