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Café + Food Review: Sweet Spot Café, San Juan City

Hello, I’m polishing this post as I sit on the couch of the café, hoping I would get a better feel of the place. It’s currently 1:27 pm I walked from our house, so it was insanely hot outside. I can say their AC unit is ??! Less than five minutes in and I can already feel my body cooling down. 

Last week, I started feeling the itch to work in a coffee shop. The urge was so strong that I actually Googled a bunch of Zomato listicles online. I haven’t worked in a coffee shop in a while and kind of miss the feeling. I can’t exactly say I’m more productive when I work in a coffee shop (LOL), but I love that it takes me away from our house and I can actually work with others around me. There’s something inspiring about seeing other people hustle whether it be law students going through their readings or entrepreneurs meeting for potential business.

There’s this newly relocated Starbucks in Robinsons Magnolia, but I didn’t want to risk going there without them actually having wifi (and an available outlet). The CBTL branch is too dark and hot for me. I mean, it’s literally hot that I sweat there especially when it starts getting packed. I saw this cool “bike shop and café” in Mandaluyong, but it’s not commute-friendly. Long story short, I decided to go back to this restaurant/café I’ve been to twice. I’ve been there just to grab some drinks. I didn’t really mind the place before, so this time, I was ready to observe every nook and corner.

It frustrated me that I couldn’t find blog post reviews online. I’m an anxious person so I don’t normally like taking risks. This is a different case, though. There’s always a first time, right? So if there were no blog posts about it online, perhaps I can be the first to do it? 😉 I also think it would be helpful for some who are looking it up online.


I went there bearing my backpack containing my laptop, gadgets, money, and scarf (just in case it’s cold there – you never know). There were four other customers when I got there. Sweet Spot Café is actually roomy so there were still a lot of tables available for more customers. They have available outlets, strong wifi (my phone and laptop were connected the entire time), sufficient AC, and coffee.

It’s spacious enough to accommodate plenty of customers. If I’m not mistaken, it somehow turns into a bar at night. The place doesn’t accommodate live bands, but from what I read on the short reviews online, they play great sounds. During the previous times I’ve been there, they always served a bowl of chips. This time, however, they didn’t. I wonder why, though?

Anyway, I knew I was going to be there the entire day so I went ahead and ordered burgers and coffee.

Tip: Not a good combination. The burger was cheesy and spicy, and the coffee.. well, it’s coffee. Enough said. 


Burger with fries (P148) and Mocha Ice Cold Espresso (P98)

The burger didn’t look special. But I underestimated it. It actually tasted good! I even told Jec about it. I keep my eyes open for food that he might like. 😉 The fries tasted like they didn’t have any salt, but I didn’t mind much since there’s ketchup. The iced mocha is your ordinary iced mocha. I wish they didn’t put too much ice, though. But it’s kind of my fault letting the mug sit there for 4 hours long. LOL. I ate one-half of the burger first so I wouldn’t keep ordering. I ate the other half by the time I was hungry again. #KuripotTip

A little close-up a.k.a. Food Porn

Okay, let’s talk about the food. As I said, the burger tasted delicious! I rarely get impressed with burgers because I’m not a meat person, so this is a huge deal for me. I’m definitely dragging my boyfriend here soon. On the other hand, the mocha ice cold espresso was okay. It’s mocha, so what do you expect? I guess the special touch there is the mason jar. Again, 1+ for a homey feel. I saw they also serve coffee in a typical mug, so it’s just like having coffee at home. ☕️ ✨

I ordered a plate of egg sandwich that afternoon because I was staying too long and I was hungry again. Heh.

Egg sandwich (P98)

Their egg sandwich is okay. Although, I like the touch of mayo (was that mayo?) because I was expecting it to be just egg and scrambled sandwich. LOL. If you notice, their food is a little pricey. I mean, that’s just a piece of egg and two pieces of bread for P98 already. BUT! I’d like to make a wild guess that not many people frequent here so they try to make the most of the prices? I don’t know? But anyway. Please don’t be confused with this Sweet Spot Café and The Sweet Spot at Maginhawa. That kind of irked me when I was looking up reviews. Search engine results kept directing me The Sweet Spot.

By the way, they have a service charge. But if you stay for long hours in a coffee shop, you can just shrug it off. Just keep asking for water so you can make the most of it if you feel you’re being ripped off. 😛 Php 18 sounds decent enough for charging my laptop for 4-5 hours and using too many toilet papers when I pee. ✌?


I love how the sunlight hits the café’s interiors. The place looks Instagrammable, if I may say so myself. It looks homey en0ugh and I really love the theme of the place. The panels are made of brick, the walls painted clay red, the basically, there are splashes of red, orange, and brown everywhere. I guess the downside of it is it tends to look dim when some lights are off. Other than that, I love the interior of the place. And hello, it’s a walking distance from my house?!

Okay, I’ll let the photos do the talking.

I want to emphasize on the fact that the café has a television inside and I really enjoyed it!!! ❤️ It’s my first time to be in a casual café with a TV and it’s like a breath of fresh air when I want to look elsewhere other than my laptop screen. I would also like to emphasize the fact that I went here to focus on work. But instead, I watched Zootopia for around 20 minutes until I remembered that I had work to do. LOL. I’m still a kid at heart! Animated films always catch my attention. ?

So, anyway, I know customers do not necessarily care about comfort rooms. But I do. I. DO. So here are CR photos to guide you through. 😛

Such warm colors <3 



Unit 5A G/F Madison Square, 264 N. Domingo St., Pasadena, San Juan City

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  • Rejoyce Canaynay

    Your photos are the bomb Bae. 😉 Would love to try their cafe aswell if I live nearby. Anyway, I don’t know why but I can’t think properly and come up with a good content with people around, tska kapag maingay. I want a quite place when doing blogs. Tho I never tried working in a cafe before since I don’t have a laptop and like what I said, I don’t feel my brain when heirs people around. 🙂

    rej |

    • Bae Milanes

      Thank you, Rej! I tried to make the most of the photos. Actually, nakulangan pa ako pero nahihiya ako tumayo that time kasi may customers pa, so yan lang photos ko.

      It’s funny you mention that kasi I actually don’t sit and think of what to write. Haha. I already have a draft in my head, I just have to type the words down. I’m also not the type to stare at my screen and think of a topic. When I have something in mind, I write a draft sa phone Notes ko. Try that. It might help you. Then just copy paste whatever you typed. At least nasimulan mo na. And then just continue. 🙂

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