The Sunday Currently | Vol. 14

The Sunday Currently | Vol. 14

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I actually missed writing The Sunday Currently volumes. Personally, I think this is the laxest blog post that you can write, but at the same time, it makes you realize where you actually use your time. At least for me. Like other series, this one is also quite interesting to read and allows your readers to keep updated on your life, even just a tad bit.  So let’s do this.

Reading:  Nothing.  🙁 I’ve stopped reading books some months back and nothing really interests me even if I still have tons of unread books. I also borrowed some books from Jec that I still have to read. (I haven’t given him my Christmas gift yet  cos I’m still reading it, although he has seen it already.)

Writing:  This Sunday Currently volume.  It’s only the 14th, really?  I was also thinking of writing  a travel blog post, but  I’m feeling lazy.. as always on a weekend.

Listening:  To my Jazz playlist on Spotify. Give it a follow if you also  love some  Jazz:

Thinking:  Of turmeric tea. And the next web hosting service I’ll get.  I made a crowdsourcing  status on Facebook and these are the replies I got so far:

What you think?

Smelling:  Nothing. Can I officially eliminate this question from this series because I will always keep saying I don’t smell anything? Seriously. Why am I so mad., though.

Wishing:  I finally know what web hosting service to get. I need a cheap but effective one because  my Bluehost service is about to expire in  2 weeks  and I’m not paying another Php 500 for that. No, sir.

Hoping:  I get paid by my clients soon. Hehe.  And that mom buys me the turmeric tea we’ve been looking at yesterday. I’m not sure if she’ll take the bait (my text).

Wearing:  A tank top from Cotton On (LOL, this was the same shirt I was wearing the last time I was writing a TSD volume. Hehe.), a pair of boxers, and my weird undercut. It’s starting to grow back so the strands are sticking out. I should have this shaved soon.

Loving:  My Jazz playlist, and the corned beef I had for brunch. I’m about to get some in a bit because apparently, I need to eat every hour. Bruh.

Wanting:  A cheap web hosting service. Can somebody please suggest a really good one so I can stop yapping about it already.

Needing:  Money. And food. I’m hungry.  But seriously, I need to work on my vlog backlogs, some blog things (optimize my photos, clean my content, delete old and irrelevant blog posts. I’m still working on it but I’ve gotten rid of 2011 to 2013 blog posts already. Yaasss).

Feeling:  Hungry. I was nursing a stomach ache earlier so I was limiting my food intake. Now here I am

Clicking: This  blog post, Facebook. That’s about it.

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