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Skyjet Piso Promo Fare @ SMX Convention Center

Yesterday, Sept. 3 (Saturday), Jec and I went to SMX Convention Center with hopeful hearts that we would get promo fare tickets, specifically to Batanes since he has always wanted to go back there and I’ve never been there before but grew curious of the place since I saw the movie You’re My Boss. Hehe.

From what people say, you will love Batanes once you step foot on her, but she’ll also break your heart when you’re about to leave. Now that’s the kind of love story I’d want to be in and experience. I wouldn’t mind having my heart broken by her as I know that she’ll always be there.

Long story short, the promo was good from September 2 to 4, but all Batanes trips were already sold out since Day 1, if I remember correctly. I urged Jec to look around since we were already there and we might still bag discount accommodations or airfares if we look hard enough despite the hundreds of people milling about in the center. It was really packed, though. True enough, we found a booth that offers nice prices to Palawan. I’m not yet spilling the beans here, but I’m sure excited about my first out of town trip with Jec. I’ve never been a wanderlust and when I go nature tripping, I’m always with my family, so I believe it would be a nice experience to go as a couple this time.

I don’t really have a lot to say about the event since I don’t know the full details. But I’m writing this blog post anyway to let you all know that this kind of event exists. And if you’re willing enough to brave the crowd, you can give it a shot. You never know what kind of trip awaits you a few months after. If you want to keep tabs on the latest piso promos, be sure to bookmark on your computers.

So I’m just dumping all the photos I took that day so you can have an idea how the event goes. If you’ve been to a MIBF before, it’s pretty much the same thing, except people here were lining up for air flight bookings.

This is photo-heavy so I hope you have an excellent Internet connection right now. 🙂

A little cheese. On the way to SMX Convention Center via cab.


OMG, a princess in the Philippines?!

I found Snow White.

So adorable. She said hi to me!

Clearly, she’s having fun in her dress.
More booths
“Beshie, where to, next year?”

So many tour packages to choose from!

Food stalls behind all the promo craze
Find you a guy who is mysterious and has a 6-pack abs
I’m excited for our first out of town trip as a couple!!!

We won a mini basket from the raffle. LOL.

Philippine Airlines shining through
The secluded part of the event


Will you all hate me when I say that I don’t like the sili flavored ice cream?

Stamp borrowed from a children’s school, perhaps?
A mandatory photo of Eye
Couple photo before heading home 🙂

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