ShopBack: Here’s How You Can Earn Cashback While Online Shopping

Shopping, whether in-store or online, has never been my thing. I guess it does help when your parents raise you to a live minimalist lifestyle that you end up carrying that mentality as you grow older. As I  became aware of brands that start fresh in the market or of brands that continue to grow, I  became exposed to it all and eventually focused on the necessities. Now I can easily shrug off sales and discounts because they can always pop up from anywhere unexpectedly, right? If I gave into every sale out there, I wouldn’t have anything to buy what I actually need.   

But, of course, being frugal is not always everyone’s state of mind. There are times that temptations come and I  just really want to buy that dress or a new phone (it doesn’t necessary have to be a new model – I  still know my limits!) to “treat myself” especially if I’ve been living in a cave and it’s been forever since the last time I  shopped. 

But wouldn’t it be nicer if someone paid you to buy the things you like? That would feel less remorseful, right? No more “buyer’s remorse” from spending all that hard-earned cash on one shopping trip. What about getting cash back as you shop? Now that’s a great idea, right? And it seems possible enough. Sort of like getting credits on your card as you pay for your gas, food or groceries. But actually, it’s not just possible. It’s already happening. 

Online Shopping

Online. Shopping. Two simple words. But not exactly a good combination. There’s a silver lining here, though. Yet again two simple words, but more useful. Cash. Back. 

ShopBack: Here's How You Can Earn Cashback While Online Shopping | The Bae Blogs by Bae Milanes (

I’ve heard about ShopBack a couple of times before, but never really realized how useful it actually is until now. I mean, it’s like spending and earning at the same time!  ShopBack has a pretty friendly website even for new customers. Here’s the gist: Have a specific discount code for brands in the ShopBack website (you can also go straight to the website for the hottest deals!), use your promo or discount code, and get cash back while you shop. Voilá!  

ShopBack: Here's How You Can Earn Cashback While Online Shopping | The Bae Blogs by Bae Milanes (

For example, this is how it works: I’ve been wanting to shop some makeup from Sephora for a long time now, but can’t because I find the products there expensive. I keep pushing it aside thinking I might just grab a makeup or two when I finally have a good discount code. With ShopBack, I can simply go to their Sephora page, find the kind of Sephora promo codes or deals that I want, and just shop! Easy, right?And to add, there are lots of discount promos in store for you within just one brand. Imagine how much you can save if you’re shopping different products from different brands. 


Now you might be thinking that since I’m writing this, ShopBack only applies to women. Nope, not exactly.  In fact, ShopBack caters to a wide array of brands with different products for anyone and everyone. You can look up clothes, sports accessories, gadgets, makeup, household furniture, and even food! I mean, c’mon, who doesn’t want to have food and money, too, amirite? Imagine the ~possibilities~.  Imagine having the product/s you need, the biggest discounts, and the best deals all in one platform. That’s exactly how ShopBack works.

ShopBack: Here's How You Can Earn Cashback While Online Shopping | The Bae Blogs by Bae Milanes (

But why just buy products if you can also book for hotels? ✨ Yes, you read that right!  Choose among amazing hotel discounts from within or outside the country by booking through online travel agencies such as Yes, hotel bookings are discounted, too, and yes, and you can also get cash back with those reservations. Pretty neat, right?  

More of an “international goods” buyer? Don’t worry, ShopBack still has got your back covered with their eBay deals you can find on their website for discounts and cashback promos.  Not a fan of huge shipping fees? I totally get you. Sometimes the SF even costs more than the product itself! But fret not as you can get a free shipping and delivery from these brands here. Nice. 👌🏽

ShopBack: Here's How You Can Earn Cashback While Online Shopping | The Bae Blogs by Bae Milanes (

ShopBack has a lot to offer, really. But if you’re still confused on how it works, you can watch some videos here.  For a more basic tutorial, watch this.  With ShopBack, you have more control over what you buy and for what price. You’d definitely be treating yo’self with all these discounts and cashback! 🛍✨

ShopBack: Here's How You Can Earn Cashback While Online Shopping | The Bae Blogs by Bae Milanes (

Have you tried ShopBack yet? How was your experience? 🙂


  • Da Dominguez

    Yaaaas, super love shopback! Haha. I’ve been introduced to this website a year ago, and every time I shop online, I check to see if they’re in partnership with shopback, just to see if I could save some more on top of my discount coupon. Haha!

    • Bae Milanes

      I also know a fellow blogger who’s into ShopBack! Elisa Aquino – I’m sure you know her. Sakanya ko unang narinig yung company actually. And she uses it to buy makeup online. <3

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