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September Accomplishments

September wasn’t eventful for me, goals-wise. I’d like to think that whenever I get a full-time job, I zoom in on that and tend to forget everything else. Or at least, have lesser time for other things since a typical full-time job entails 8 hours of continuous work per day for 5 days in a week. 

  1. We Are Choosy Beggars FB page. When Jec and Ellie, his office mate, formed their duo, I volunteered to create an FB page for them. I also did their cover photo & profile photo. Today, it has 141 likes. It could be more if they exert effort and invite their friends one by one, but Jec won’t have it. Anyway, I’ll let them do what they think is best for their group. As they got more gigs, they also welcomed another member, Ryan. So in their FB photos & videos, it’s already 3 of them. I help manage that page by uploading videos & photos.
  2. Hello again, gym! September was the month that I started going back to the gym. Of course, not for long, I went back to my old habits. But three visits is still three visits, amirite? LOL, okay, I’m just glamorizing my little achievements, but hey, at least I got my lazy butt out of the house again.
  3. Skincare products restock. I got new skincare products for my nightly routine just in case I run out of my current ones anytime. As of this writing, I’m still finishing my foam wash from Sisheido so my Celeteque is just sitting pretty on my desk. I have too many toners right now, most of which I use sparingly, and I’m glad because the one I currently like is expensive – I just got it on sale when BeautyMNL held a flash sale.
  4. Wedding with Jec. It was my secret goal to attend a wedding this year. It’s a ridiculous goal since I can’t just gatecrash a stranger’s wedding and I didn’t know someone personally who’s getting married soon. When Jec said his cousin was getting married & I’m his plus one, I was ecstatic! I took lots of photos (and also cried a lot). It was a lovely wedding!
  5. Efficient BuJo-ing. I’m slowly becoming more efficient with bullet journaling. I got rid of my weekly spreads since let’s face it, I’m not that busy. And seeing my goals make me feel pressured, so I resort to keeping them all in my head. I keep my bullet journal more as an ideas/thoughts keeper. I’m not as artsy as I were before but hey, it helps me save pages for more important stuff!
  6. Changed my bank card. I had to change my bank card because my current one (that time) would expire in a few days. You could say it’s a pretty big deal since neglecting it would mean I wouldn’t have any valid bank card to use. LOL.
  7. It. I started reading books again and I started with It. I picked up where I left off but this time with more gusto. The movie inspired me to read the book again and pay closer attention to the details. Not gonna lie, it really bored me pre-movie, but now I kinda see a better flow of what’s happening. I’m curious if they’re gonna continue the entire It franchise & what changes they’re gonna make from the book.
  8. Pixie cut. Oops, I did it again! I had a pixie cut again because my former hairstyle was bugging me. It was not long enough for a ponytail yet not that short for an edgy look. In short, it was all over the place. So I decided to chop it all off and go back to my comfort haircut – the pixie cut. 

And that’s about it! 

What have you accomplished last month?
Or this month, so far? 

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  • Ann

    This is cool, I also write in my latest blog on how to balance blog and full time job, it’s hard and there’s no joke on it. But I also give some tips on how to manage and organize the blogging thing and work. Anyways, I am happy that This month I am going to achieved another dream of mind travelling. It is really good to have goals every month so we can be productive.

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