The Sunday Currently

The Sunday Currently / 4


Still Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project. I love absorbing every word when I read a book. Or, maybe I’m just a naturally slow reader. 🙁


Only The Sunday Currently. Planning to fill up my new 2015 Notebook *INSERT SPARKLES EMOJI* I bought from Muji earlier. Drafting a very nice post in my brain right now.


Sounds from TV, wind from fan.


All the nice things that happened during my weekend. Sunday hasn’t ended yet so I’m hoping for more.


I hate having to answer it. Why do I never smell anything when I’m doing The Sunday Currently????


I had more money to help the poor. And that I’d have the will to read and finish my pending books.


I’d have work soon. And meet more amazing people. And that An didn’t forget about me.


Striped V-Neck shirt, checkered boxers, and love wrapped all over me. Chos.


The way I spent my afternoon-early evening Sunday. <3 Helped a lot of people, made a new friend, ate good food, and gave in to a decent indulgence.


A job/s soon. The more, the merrier. For eyesight to be okay (again) enough not to wear glasses. It’s such a pain having to wear distance and reading glasses all time as I sweat easily! >:(


A mani-pedi, I guess. My nails are starting to beg for mercy. Oh, yeah and buckets of patience. I tend to erupt easily, I noticed.


Blessed with all the things that happened earlier. 🙂


On different sites for potential blogging jobs, Facebook, a potential place to practice my strokes, like legit olympic-sized pool, not where people wear tanktops and splash themselves while sitting at the corner. *peace sign*

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