YUGTO: Fair • Concert • Spoken Poetry Event

YUGTO: Fair • Concert • Spoken Poetry Event

A few days ago, I was torn between these two events. One was a forum about depression in BGC and the other a fair event in Ortigas. I wanted to attend both but there was a conflict in the schedule. The forum was from 3 pm to 5 pm and the fair was from 4 pm to 8 pm. I chose the latter, so that’s how I ended up attending Yugto: Fair x Concert x Spoken Poetry Event.

I looked up the place on Google Maps and saw that it was just beside POEA, it’s that building I never pay attention to when I’m going to POEA or to Robinsons Galleria. Upon entering the building, I immediately saw the banner of Yugto by the elevator. The guard asked me where I was going and I pointed to the banner. He directed me to go to the second floor where the event was being held.

When I arrived there, the first thing I noticed were the flock of students and some parents. I thought I was in a weird crowd because I was somewhere in between. I was no longer a student, yet I’m also not a parent. Despite having four free passes, I went alone because I couldn’t find someone to go with me. It was fine, though. There’s nothing wrong in doing things by yourself. I just suck at socializing with strangers so I have to work on that.

I got passed around from one organizer to the other until I finally met Zandy, my contact person. She was really nice and accommodating. She showed me around so I would know what’s happening in each room.

There was a room for arts, a room for the concert and the spoken poetries, and a cafeteria room. There was also a photo booth where you can have your photos taken with your friends.  When I got there, the fair was on-going. They were an acoustic band on stage and they were playing different songs continuously, announcing the free popcorn promo every now and then.

I looked around and saw these cards on the wall. I read them one by one but I couldn’t  understand any of the passages. This confirms it, I’m not a poetic person, I thought to myself. After some time, I went back to the cards again and tried to read them again. And that’s when I realized it was an entire poem cut into pieces. How stupid of me for not realizing it earlier. Maybe that’s why I thought some cards would seem completely nonsensical and bitin.  Because they’re all supposed to go together! 

I entered the Arts room to look at some art and went out through the other door, and that’s when I saw the tarpaulin of writings. Some writings were pretty mundane, some were pretty sick, like sick good.  And I’m not surprised because kids nowadays are so creative.

Tired from all the walking, I sat down and listened to the band’s numbers before we were ushered to move to the concert hall for the concert and spoken poetry part. This time, the room was airconditioned and spacious enough for more guests. I sat in the middle part, right on the floor since I thought I would see the performers better that way (and because I just like sitting on floors).

The concert x spoken poetry part of the event was graciously hosted by Josh and Justin (I hope I spelled that right). They were witty, humorous, and very entertaining. They have real future in hosting, to be honest. I never had that charm and wit, to begin with.

Before the concert started, they held a quick activity for a prize of 2 trampoline tickets.  To win, the participant only has to answer this question: magkaroon ng bagong yugto kasi…”

I liked one of the participants’ answer: “…Kasi natapos ko na yung dati.”

The first to perform was Nathan Huang and his band. They played some original compositions like Swing, Fools, and Speechless. Hearing Nathan was a breath of fresh air. It was the first time I heard about him, but I was already quite impressed with his talent and gusto. He was definitely a crowd pleaser and he didn’t show that they were having technical difficulties. He just kept on singing and playing his guitar. He also has a playful aura to him, which seems welcoming for new audiences like me.

Next was  Simon. He performed a spoken poem about hope. His piece started with some heartbreaking lines, which eventually led to more hopeful ones.

The last performer I saw was another band. The Ridleys. Are you familiar? It seems like they already have a number of fans from the crowd and, if I’m not mistaken, they were also able to play during the UP Fair (which I didn’t attend). I like how they were jovial to the crowd. It made the ambiance of the room more inviting.  2 members weren’t able to make it to the event so they just had an acoustic number for us. They played Aphrodite, Meaningful Silence, and Broken.

I didn’t finish the event, but from what I experienced, it was fun! Overall, the event had a real nice and chill vibe, perfect for a Saturday night out with your friends or, in my case, by myself.

Have you been to any spoken poetry event lately?

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