An Android App For Consumers & Entrepreneurs | PeraSwipe App

An Android App For Consumers & Entrepreneurs | PeraSwipe App

Do you remember when I introduced PeraSwipe App in a previous blog post? It’s this all-in-one lock screen platform for Filipino smartphone users, specifically for Android phone users. If you haven’t read it yet, here’s the link to that write-up. And back then, I promised that I’ll write another blog post, this one more detailed, the next time. So here it is!  

(If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, do give it a try. Use my ID when you sign up: thebaeblogs

So, let’s get on to it! How did I find the PeraSwipe App after trying it out? What are the pros and cons? To find out, keep reading. 

As I mentioned before, I had to borrow Jec’s phone to try out the app since I didn’t have any Android phone. We simply downloaded the app, signed up, and checked out the promos and activities it has in store. Here are some photos to show you how the app looks. 


I really wanted to know more about the app so I did my research. Here are some interesting facts I gathered along the way: 

  • It is exclusive for Android phone users (iOS users must be jealous right now – like me, ehem)
  • It is perfect for millennials who are always on their phones (who could have thought it could be a good thing?!)
  • It is user-friendly and not over-the-top
  • It has an appealing graphic design 
  • It is not exclusive for adults 
  • It is a useful tool for entrepreneurs – both start-up and professionals
  • You can use the points you earn for different transactions 

So let’s discuss these bullet points one by one, shall we?


First of all, PeraSwipe knows its target market – the Android phone users. I’m hoping in the future they can also make this available for iOS users (hehe) but for now, let’s focus on its exclusivity. While iPhone is all that jazz today, I know there are still plenty of people who own and use Android phones. If you’re one of them, then you can easily check out this app and see if you like it. 

Also, it is perfect for people who are always on their phones. And who are they usually? Millennials. They spend A TON of their time looking down and tapping on their phones. It may be disruptive to work or school or any other important matter, but if you have spare time on your hands, why not use it to earn? Who could have thought that looking at your phone’s screen 24/7 could be a good thing, right? 

UI & UX 

Now let’s talk about its design and usability. First, I find the graphic design appealing because of the pop of colors. You can’t deny that you also get easily attracted to colors! It is also user-friendly in a way that it provides simple instructions so you wouldn’t feel lost as you explore the app. 

It’s actually a friendly app since it has no adult content, teens can use it too. Plus, it has a cute Peragle mascot/character! It’s not only a fun app for consumers in general, but it’s also a useful tool for entrepreneurs. As I researched on the other features it has to offer, I learned that you can actually place ads on the app if you’re an entrepreneur. This will allow you to expand your network and spread the word about your brand. This essentially widens your market and increases your credibility as a brand (willingness to take on the social media trends). 


Lastly, you can use the points you earn for different transactions. 

You can use your points to perform different transactions on your phone. You can shop online, redeem the points as phone load, or even give phone credits to your friends as a gift! Nothing worth it comes easy, so you kinda have to work on earning those points. Anyway, if you’re always on your phone, it wouldn’t take so much effort to swipe to earn! 

After all, what’s a shopping spree earned just from swiping, right? 

So that ends my detailed review on PeraSwipe App. To know more about it, go check out their website. Use my ID (thebaeblogs) if you ever want to try this app out. Likewise, you can refer it to your friends to automatically earn points! 

Now where Jec’s Android phone at…


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