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Baguio City | Day 2


March 22, 2015The next day, I woke up pretty earlier than everyone else and the first thing I did was wake up my mother and greet her a happy birthday. Everyone else was still asleep so I opted to check my social media accounts first before to start my…

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When in Baguio City


Last Saturday, March 21, my family and I went to Baguio City to celebrate mom’s 50th birthday. She just came back from Cebu for work and she’s been gone for two weeks. They were required to work from 8 pm to 8 am since they were working with…

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Life Lessons I Learned By 21


Don’t burn bridges. No matter how much you might dislike a person, connections are vital. You never know when someone’s contact information might come in handy. More than that, it’s not always about just keeping numbers. It’s about staying in touch with the person and making…

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Nanay Helen: A Eulogy


Devoted. Passionate. Fearless. Motherly. Those are just few of the words that would best describe my late aunt. Known as “Vangie” and “Ma’am Z” to her colleagues and her students, and “Nanay Helen” or simply “Helen” to family and friends, Dr. Evangeline Milanes-Zalamea devoted her life to teaching…

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Dear BS Family,


Years ago, I was one of those girls who wanted thigh gaps, slim arms, and a flat belly. Now I couldn’t care less if my arms get a little bit bigger each day, cos that’s the ultimate goal now anyway. I used to be a cardio bunny but…

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2014 Reflections


How does one even start when he reflects on his 2014? It has been a crazy, crazy year, no doubt. But a wonderful one at that. It was the year that I became brave. It was the year that I became closer to God. It was the year that I…

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