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    Makeup As An Investment: Simple Glam Makeup Workshop

    Even before I had my skincare obsession, I was in love with makeup first. Nothing was (still is) more satisfying than swatching lipsticks on the back of my hands and just looking at the colorful displays with heart eyes. My first memory of makeup was watching my late aunt apply her lipstick before going to work. Something in that simple scene struck me. And so my love story with makeup began. 

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    Magic Monday | Vol. 19

    It’s 8:30 pm on a Sunday and I’m already typing my Magic Monday entry because I feel a little bubbly on the inside. I’m unusually sleepy at this time (it’s very early still), but I wanna share how my weekend went anyway. It was quite eventful, so without further ado, welcome to Magic Monday, a blog series where we list all things nice and worth looking forward to for the week. This blog series aims to uplift dazed spirits, especially on a Monday morning – a friendly reminder that not all Mondays should be hectic and that it can bring a little magic to your week if you let it. ✨

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    16 Things I Accomplished Last August

    It’s already the middle of September and I’m still in denial. I looked at my bullet journal this morning and saw “11” staring back at me. I was kind of taken a back. I was surprised. 11? As in it’s already September 11? I couldn’t believe it. 2 weeks left until October, then November’s gonna roll in. Then it’s Christmas time, then a new year all over again. I know I complain about the days being long, but I didn’t see this year rolling in this fast. 

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    Featured Blogger of the Month: The Grey Nomad Blog

    Ahh, September! It’s not really my favorite month, but it’s the title of my favorite go-to song when I’m feeling down – September by Earth Wind & Fire. You do know it, don’t you? Please don’t disappoint me!  Anyway, welcome back to my Featured Blogger of the Month series! We’re on to our 4th one and I’m really excited to reveal this month’s featured… wait for it… bloggers. Yes, it’s a duo! I met them when I worked for an event company a month back and tapped their shoulder for a possible work opportunity. But I believe I’ve already been seeing their Instagram posts from way back if I’m not…

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    Magic Monday | Vol. 18

    I’ve been missing in action on my blog lately (I know, despite the bombard of notifications in your inbox, I can personally feel my own absence). I started from my Twitter, then it crawled to my blog. As much as I wanted to blog randomly, I let my buzzing thoughts slide off my back. I just didn’t want to bother. But since I had an eventful week, I’m gonna go ahead and do a Magic Monday – also to encourage you all to carry over the long weekend vibe to this week. I’m not particularly excited for Monday, but it’s still a chance for new opportunities, right? Welcome to Magic Monday,…

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    Cultivating Relationships in Freelancing: The Freelancer Fair

    Over the years that I’ve been freelancing (LOL, as if I’m a veteran already), I’ve shared some tips and techniques to survive in the freelancing world. I’ve also laid the common pros and cons on the table for those who are thinking of entering freelancing but are not sure what’s in store for them. It’s easy to say that freelancing is chill because you can basically work anywhere – in your house, in a coffee shop, in a park, even on vacation.  But that’s just one of the perks of freelancing. When it comes to the cons, they could be as plentiful. One hurdle for freelancers is finding good clients.…

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    PHOTO DUMP | Pansol Weekend Staycation • Day II

    This is a photo dump of the pictures I took while we were “staycationing” in Pansol, Laguna. We only stayed at the resort for 2 days so it was kind of bitin. But on the second day, we had a lovely boodle fight for lunch, I was able to swim lapses, and I took a lot of nice photos. I claim it. Hehe. Enjoy the photos!

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    Quick Local Haul x Great Escapes Travel Fair

    Last Friday, August 18, I was invited to attend the Great Escapes Travel Fair in Glorietta 2 (Palm Drive). Jhanzey, a good friend and fellow blogger, sent me an invite though she couldn’t make it at that time because of work. Jhanzey, if you’re reading this, I’m sure you would have enjoyed it! But I’ll let the photos do the talking. 🙂 It was a really cool event because I actually discovered a lot of local brands that have quality goods. They’re also reasonably priced, so you’d know they’re not ripping you off. I walked around several times to make sure I got a lot of photos and saw all…