• Magic Monday

    Magic Monday | Vol. 20

    Hey, guys! We’re a few days away from Christmas aaaaand I still can’t feel the Christmas spirit. LOL. Anyway, I’m not here to talk about the holidays. I’m here to talk about my weekend. So, lets?  Welcome to Magic Monday, a blog series where we list all things nice and worth looking forward to for the week. This blog series aims to uplift dazed spirits, especially on a Monday morning – a friendly reminder that not all Mondays should be hectic and that it can bring a little magic to your week if you let it. ✨

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    The Most Intimate Makeover Ever

    V-Restore: Women Taking Control of their Health and Satisfaction A lot of us women are scared of having ourselves checked down there – that’s a fact. While vaginal health is important, it often takes a backseat due to various reasons including fear, embarrassment, and misconception. We often feel embarrassed of sharing our reproductive health problems so even if we have to, we delay going to an OB-GYNE, or worse, never go at all. The only time that we do go is because we’re pregnant or are planning to be. Aside from getting a wax for hygienic purposes, we ignore everything else our ladies need. But vaginal health is important. So let’s…

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    November Accomplishments

    Hey, guys! How are you doing? We’re only a few weeks away from December and while I didn’t think much of my November accomplishments, I’m still gonna write this blog post for the sake of it. Not much happened so this is gonna be a little shorter than usual.

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    Budget-Friendly Christmas Gifts for Your Last Minute Shopping

    A few weeks from now, everyone will be celebrating Christmas. Feasts laid all over the table, gifts under the Christmas trees, the titos and titas catching up, and kids running around. It’s the typical scenario. But have you found the perfect gifts for your loved ones yet? I know most of us love Christmas shopping, but there are some that also love delaying shopping & buying gifts at the last minute. Are you a diligent gifter? Or a crammer? Whether you’re already 90% complete with your lists or are just about to shop (panic mode: on), here are some nice budget-friendly Christmas gifts for your last minute shopping! 🙂

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    Budget Self-Love Dates For Introverts

    More often than not, our minds need a break without us knowing. We shrug off our stress – whether internal or external – and go back to our business. But when the worst happens – like a major mental breakdown you didn’t see coming – you need to take a break from your routine and face the elephant in the room. When we experience some sort of mental distress, it’s almost always unexpected. And we don’t always have the budget to blow to take care of ourselves. So we just sulk and feel bad for being broke human beings.  But upon holding my own self-love dates, I realized one major…

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    How To Handle A Relationship With A Big Age Gap

    I like older men. Not just in terms of romantic relationships. I like talking to older people in general because I feel they make more sense and people my age are usually just after the “small talks.” I get along with women in their 30’s really well while I usually find myself crying on the inside when left with a group of people my own age.  And because of that, I took it to the next level and closed off all windows and doors and gates to men that are my age and below. To be fair, I never dated anyone my own age. It was always a guy a…

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    11 Accomplishments Last October

    I can’t say I felt last month’s accomplishments, but apparently there were a lot! So I’m not gonna prolong this intro. Let me share with you the 11 accomplishments I did last month. 

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    6 Steps To Follow When Transitioning Into A Natural Beauty Routine

    In this world of make-up and a strong emphasis on physical appearance, we tend to become more and more preoccupied to look good. I’m not saying this is a bad thing, it’s interesting to experience new beauty routines. We watch famous YouTubers and we copy them. But it is so important for us to be careful and responsible on what products we choose to use. What are the ingredients? Are they tested on animals? Did you ever think of purchasing a cosmetic or body care product based on its fat content or its manufacturing process? Your new foundation looks so good on you, but is it also good for your…