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NYX Soft Matte + Lingerie: Swatches and Review


Last July 19, I wrote a blog post on my latest makeup and skincare haul, which included four NYX lipsticks, two in soft matte, and two more in Lingerie. And since I’ve tried every one of them already, I’m here to write about them. Of the four, I’ve used the soft matte liquid lipsticks the most because they’re the most convenient colors. But if you want to try a greige makeup look, I wrote a tutorial wearing the NYX Lingerie in Embellishment. Read tutorial here.

(L-R) Istanbul, Milan, Beauty Mark, Embellishment

I got these products from @mokomichiscloset on Instagram and they’re not authentic so they’re cheaper, but I’m happy with the texture so I’m not complaining. I’m pretty sure there’s no huge difference if you compare it with an authentic NYX product, but take my review with a grain of salt since our opinions still differ and what’s a nice liquid lipstick for me but not be for you.

Anyway, the first time that I encountered NYX was in SM The Block. I remember it clearly because I didn’t like NYX before and when I swatched a color on my arm, it easily came off when I touched it. But I also forgot to remind myself that our skin’s texture and composition is different from our lips’. I was quick to dismiss the brand until I watched reviews online a couple of months back and was convinced that I should just try it for myself, so I did. I am surprised that it’s easy to apply. It’s creamy but not too thick. However, and I think it’s because mine is not authentic, I have to apply them several times to get the real color to show. This is the case with the soft matte lipsticks, though. With the Lingerie line, on the other hand, wow, the product just easily glided on my lips. It was beyond my expectation, considering that they’re just imitations, so I’m giving my Lingerie items a 10/10.

Now let’s see the colors in close-up.



I watched too many YouTube reviews before I finally decided to get these colors. And I made a bad mistake of forgetting that I have a more yellow complexion than the women on YouTube and I also have a darker skin tone. These shades look subtle but they look bright on my morena skin. Don’t worry, I’ll show photos of me wearing each shade below!


I dared to go differently with the NYX Lingerie lipsticks. I got mesmerized with greige or shades that look lazy. Think MAC’s Stone or Whirl. But I ended up with really dark, hard-to-wear colors, and also because these were the only shades available. Boo! 🙁


Beauty Mark

As you can see, Beauty Mark looks like a chocolate lipstick while I personally think Embellishment looks like dried cement on my lips. LOL.


Now, it’s time to reveal the colors on me. Here’s the truth: I’m morena, and simple dashes of pink are very apparent on my face. Maybe I don’t look that tan in these photos because I took these by the window, but I’m going to upload some more photos to prove how the colors really look like.

(Clockwise) Embellishment, Milan, Beauty Mark, Istanbul

Those are two different occasions but I obviously like wearing black. 🙂

I haven’t worn either of the Lingerie lipsticks because I haven’t found the right place and opportunity yet. I asked Jec how he’d react if I wear any of those colors and he simply said, “May magagawa ba ako?” Touché. Let’s hope he doesn’t run away from me when I wear Beauty Mark on one of our dates.

So what do you think of these color? Too bright? Too playful? Too challenging? Okay lang?

Leave your thoughts below! 🙂

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