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November Accomplishments

Hey, guys! How are you doing? We’re only a few weeks away from December and while I didn’t think much of my November accomplishments, I’m still gonna write this blog post for the sake of it. Not much happened so this is gonna be a little shorter than usual.

  1. Collaborative blog post with The Wise Lark. I collaborated with Karla to write a blog post entitled Budget Self-Love Dates for Introverts. It’s basically a suggestive blog post on things you can do when you just want that “alone time” but have no budget to splurge on things. In reality, it’s not really the most practical thing to buy stuff only to have buyer’s remorse when you get home. When was the last time you bought something when you were really sad, and it made you completely happy? Rare chance, right? If you haven’t read it yet, feel free to bookmark it so you can read it on the go!
  2. IG curation. Before it’s frustrating algorithm, Instagram has been bugging me for the longest time because I couldn’t curate the kind of feed I had in my head. No matter what kind of filter I slapped on my photos, it wasn’t me enough. Gets? But I discovered this app, Nebi, which was truly a life-changer. It has various filters that instantly make your photos filmy with a touch of grunge – if that even makes sense. I also stopped using VSCO since I constantly change the filters I use, which makes everything inconsistent. Now I don’t have to sabotage my photos to get that “pink look” or compromise an image because I need to use a particular preset. 
  3. Morning person. Yes, that’s right. I taught myself how to become a morning person. It only lasted for a week, but it was good until then. I felt like I was doing more & being anxious less. It felt like I did laundry yesterday but it was only that morning. I had that much hours in a day. But I soon went back to my old habits because, obviously, they are hard to get rid of. 
  4. Self-love: Consumerism. After skipping like 2 talks, I joined Plump once again on their self-love meeting where we talked about Consumerism. You can read all about it here.
  5. Sun-kissed Somewhere. I’m a huge fan of Ayn Bernos. I know fan is a huge word, but I can’t call us friends yet. We’re getting there! It’s funny how I bumped into her channel. I didn’t really know her but her videos had lots of views, comments, and likes. In short, she was out there! One day, I was looking for a video on self-confidence and YouTube recommended one of her videos. So here we are! Anyway, I joined her Facebook group so I could have more dibs on her channel and whatnot. She’s planning a meetup with her viewers before the year ends, so if you want in, you can join here
  6. Minimal spending. Even before I attended Plump’s talk on consumerism, I was already gradually minimizing my purchases. I put myself on a lipstick & book ban (completely slipped out of my mind as I just bought anothet book. Oops.) and focused on not touching my money instead of listing down where I could spend it. LOL. 
  7. Published guest blog posts. Over the past few months, my blog has suddenly become a magnet of guest posting requests. I’m not sure why, but since I want my blog to be an open platform, I said yes. Then I forgot all about them. Or had difficulty scheduling them. But one day, I grew tired of putting them on my “to do” but never really doing them, so I just did them. They’re not something I would write myself, but if it helps even one person, I’m willing to share my space.

What about you? What were your November accomplishments? 

Remember, accomplishments don’t need to be big in order to be celebrated. It could be as simple as cleaning your work desk or as big as organizing an entire party for a loved one. 

List your wins below! I’m excited to hear all about them! 🙂


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