Mini Makeup Haul

Yesterday, I went on a quick shopping spree and got some makeup. Okay, well, technically I was in there for a good hour, but I didn’t hoard so much and spent less than Php 1,000. It amazes me, however, how some women can quickly find what they need and settle for it. I often notice how I end up being the last in the department store. But, oh well.

I was itching to get ahold of Maybelline’s Powder Matte lipsticks since I learned that they were on sale (again!) and this time until the end of March. It’s good news for me because I don’t frequent the mall so having until the end of March allows me to have lots of time to buy. However, my impulsiveness couldn’t wait longer. Since I settled with “Touch Of Nude” and “Make Me Blush”, I couldn’t stop thinking about them. So I went to Robinsons Magnolia with the conviction of buying those two colors. Lo and behold, they were out of stock.

My plan was to buy those lipsticks and stay for a while in the mall to work. But I didn’t get the lipsticks so I just worked. On the way home, I decided on a whim to go straight to SM Sta. Mesa just to see if the Maybelline branch there had more stocks. THEY DID. My heart was so happy. I even thought of hoarding as many lipsticks as I could, but I remembered the other women who could be going there in the hope of availing of the sale. After an hour of lingering in the makeup section of the department store, I finally decided on these:

Since I don’t feel like doing an individual product review for each one, I thought of testing them out all at the same time and reviewing them as I go. For my lipstick, I used IN2IT instead of the Maybelline.

Let’s discuss each one according to.. well, everything. I’ll try to supply as much information as I can. Let’s make this collaborative product review useful and informative. 🙂


I’ll be honest, I didn’t like this eyebrow pencil when I tested it on my hand while in the mall. It felt sticky, but I wanted to give it the benefit of the doubt, so I bought it anyway. And it’s only 75 pesos so it’s not much of a loss if I end up not liking it. I thought it would sit well on my face once I have my foundation on, but it was still sticky. It also consumes a lot of product because of the consistency. It’s really creamy. One swipe would give you enough color.

However, I think it would be an okay eyebrow pencil if you have bushy brows. Instead of using a paste, you could depend on the creaminess of the product to flatten your brows a bit. The color was okay. It’s the consistency and application I have a problem with.

Verdict: I don’t like it. 


I didn’t expect much from this metallic eyeliner, but HOLY COW IT’S SO NICE???? Like the eyebrow pencil, it has a creamy consistency so it consumes a lot of product in one application. I saw this first on a blog post so I was already aware of it. I thought it was just a whatever product, but it’s so much more than that.

I tried putting on a black eyeliner before applying the metallic one, then on the other eye, I only put only the metallic liner, to see which one looks better. The black + gold eyeliner looks weird. It almost went silver because of the colors. On the other hand, the metallic liner alone looks incomplete without anything else on the same eye. So I went ahead and reapplied my black eyeliner to make wingtips. And then I applied the metallic eyeliner as an undereye liner. It looks nicer that way. My eyes looked sparkly. ✨

Verdict: I like it. I would buy the other colors if given the chance. 


I don’t want to sound mean but I almost laughed when I saw this. It looked like a Kylie lipkit wannabe, but fatter and less classy. LOL. This line actually has pretty nice nude colors. There were a few nudes and one a bit reddish. There’s an epic fail I discovered, though. I was testing the colors one by one and, each time, I would look at the bottom of the tube for the shade. There were two lipsticks that had 5 on the bottom of the tube but were completely different colors. That’s a big no-no.

Anyway, I was so intrigued with this lipstick and the formula seemed nice enough so I bought it as well. I just made sure to reference the color of the lipstick in the bottle instead of the shade number. It looks like an apricot color, which I really like. And I’ve been looking for it for the longest time now. I’ve been wanting Kylie’s Dirty Peach ever since, but since this one’s a close call, I guess I’ll just settle for this one.

To be honest, I’ve always regarded IN2IT as a cheap ass makeup product, but apparently, it’s not? I saw some nice deals in the mall yesterday. There were these 2-in-1 products for a limited edition. If I had more money with me. Gurl, I’m telling you. I would have hoarded those babies.

So let’s talk about the lipstick. It was better than I expected. I really love the color on me! I see myself using it a lot. It was an impulsive buy, but I have no regrets with it. It suddenly seems like my favorites products come from impulse buys!

Verdict: I. LOVE. IT. 



You can’t really see the metallic eyeliner but I swear, it’s there. LOL. I guess the twist eyeliner is only good for the lower lids. Or suggest me ways to wear a metallic eyeliner properly? Haha. Seriously, I need help!

When was the last time you had a beauty haul?

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