Maybelline Powder Mattes by Color Sensational: First Impression + Swatches

Disclaimer: I don’t typically write makeup reviews. Go read at your own risk. ✌?

So Maybelline did it again. It recently came up with this beautiful line of lipsticks in powder matte finish. As usual, women can’t get enough of them! Maybelline Powder Matters by Color Sensational (wow, what a mouthful) has a total of 15 different shades, some of which are not yet available in stores (as of this writing and so I heard). If you’re a frequent buyer from Beauty MNL, you’re in luck because they just got ahold of these new lipsticks from Maybelline. They’re currently on sale at P199 from February 20-24. So hurry!

Before purchasing two of these lipsticks, I bumped into Ate Greta’s product review. Let me tell you that I kept coming back to her blog post to check on the colors again and again. It was really helpful, but I couldn’t find other equally helpful product reviews that I could check before buying. Often times, my problem is the shades. I’m the kind of girl who cares more about the color than the formula (provided that it’s already a good brand), so when I check lipstick reviews online, I usually go straight to the swatches.

It’s one thing that frustrates me (why do some women pick bizarre colors?), another is that some women are not very detailed enough. So that’s what I’m going to do with my own product review. I’m gonna bombard you with photos so brace yourselves!

Let’s start with the description. These lipsticks should leave a powdery matte finish so it’s nothing sticky or creamy. They’re super lightweight as well, so who doesn’t love that, right? The moment I read Ate Greta’s blog post, I knew I had to buy one (or two) from this new line while it’s still on sale. I really love how they came with three categories: Nude, Pink, and Red. I think that’s really helpful for women who tend to zoom in on a particular shade. Like if I’m into pink lipsticks, I would stay away from the Red category. Something to that effect.

I was so indecisive with the colors so I just made my boyfriend pick them out for me. I’m not a huge fan of pink lipsticks (I actually try to avoid them because I’m tan), but I trust my boyfriend’s taste since he was also the one who picked Clay Crush for me, which turned out to be my favorite! Not just in terms of color, but out of the many lipsticks in my stash, it’s the one I always have in my go-to purse.

The result? I got Barely There and Mauve It Up. To be honest, I didn’t have a nice first impression with these colors. I thought Barely There was too girly of a pink while Mauve It Up was too loud. I later learned that I just need to do my full face for these colors to blend well with my skin tone.

Aesthetically, I like how the lipsticks differ in the tube colors. It makes it easy to grab a tube when you’re in a rush. And you won’t go wrong unless you have, say, two colors from Nude. In which case, you’ll just have to look at the bottom of the tube. I noticed how Maybelline’s lipsticks have secure covers, too, which is always a plus. I dropped my lipstick earlier but the cover didn’t break. It detached a little, but only by a few millimeters.

Mauve It Up / Barely There

I just noticed this small label on the lipstick tube and I think it’s a nice touch. I wonder if all of Maybelline’s lipsticks have that stamp.

Let’s start with the swatches. These were taken outdoors (left photo) and indoors (right photo) just so you can see the difference in the colors.

As with the face shots, I took the initiative to take several photos while wearing both colors just so you can also see the difference of the shades in different settings. It’s a lot of effort, I know, but I think it would serve as a handy guide (and you don’t have to go to different places to see how the colors look because I already did that for you).

Some pictures are pretty gross so let’s just get them over and done with.


Taken indoors with lights 

Taken indoors in front of the window 

Taken outdoors with direct sunlight 

Taken in a dark room with flash (IDK why my photo for Barely There looks weird, but anyway)

Taken in semi-lit room with flash

But, Bae, how can we see the colors properly if you’re not wearing any makeup?

Chill, I gotchu, fam.

Barely There with full-face makeup

(Press powder, eyebrow pencil, cheek tint, mascara)

For comparison:


Mauve It Up with full-face makeup 

(Press powder, eyebrow pencil, cheek tint, mascara)

For comparison:


Barely There vs. Mauve It Up



Barely There & Mauve It Up after removing with tissue 



I’ll be honest. I already tried these lipsticks before I took these photos so this is actually my second time “testing” them. I can say Barely There is definitely harder to apply than Mauve It Up. I’m not sure if it’s because of the lightness of the color, but I had to reapply Barely There to get a pigmented color. It also helps to blot your lips with a tissue and apply a second coat to get more color.


I was surprised that neither color transfers easily when you eat or drink. My lips still had some color even after eating an oily food. But of course, don’t expect them to stay on all day. After all, these are not magical lipsticks. Let’s be practical, girls.

(Just a little rant because I notice how some women complain when a particular lipstick does not stay put all day or when it budges quickly when you drink. Really, what did you expect?)

Apply and re-apply this all day and you would definitely get chapped lips at the end of the day. But I can only speak for too many ladies because I personally have dry lips. I don’t know how well (or not) it would work on women with moisturized/normal lips.


I can’t say these lipsticks have a powdery matte finish but they’re definitely not creamy. So none of those “OMG I have hair on my lips” first-world problems. I would say the “powder” feel is more apparent WHILE you are applying the lipstick – not after. I guess this is why it’s kind of hard to apply? You’re not gonna get an instant pop of color because of its powdery formula. I didn’t blot my lips after applying either lipstick so what you see is what you get. Although I applied each lipstick about three times before I finally got the proper color.


No, it doesn’t. It’s not cement-like like Colourpop. However, it might be safe to say that it leaves some stain on the lips so you’re not gonna rid of the color as soon as you eat or drink something. Just be careful about applying this lipstick several times a day. You don’t want to have dry lips, trust me.

Those are my main concerns about these lipsticks. If I missed something, just let me know! Comment below. As with the color, I definitely prefer Mauve It Up on me. I’m tan so light colors do not suit me well unless they lean on the brown or peachy side.

What do you think? Have you tried any Maybelline Powder Mattes lipsticks so far? If yes, what do you think of them? Otherwise, what colors are you eyeing?


  • Da Dominguez

    Very bet ko yang super detailed swatch with photos “in front of the window” “outside with direct sun”. Haha! Mas nagka-idea ako kung ano yung actual look. Just got the three shades I ordered from Beauty MNL yesterday, and I can’t wait to try (and swatch them, too) this weekend! I was very hesitant to get Barely There because I’ve got a lot of nudes from their creamy mattes already, so I decided to pick colors that I don’t have yet. And I agree, Mauve it up looks better on you!

    xx, The Diary Queen

    • Bae Milanes

      It’s hard when you only like nude lipsticks! Haha. You end up having a lot of nudes, most of the time medyo magkakalapit ng kulay. Na-receive mo na ba? Sana you also do a blog post on it! Kahit swatches lang, to see the difference in the shades.

      Oo kasi pet peeve ko yun na feeling ko pinapakita lang ng beauty bloggers ang magandang angle kaya maganda din yung kulay. Or minsan naman sobrang dilim. In person, bright pala yung kulay.

      Thanks for dropping by, Da!

      • Da Dominguez

        Yes, I received my order na. I’ve finished swatching them already pero yung photos were included in the accident I’m ranting about on twitter so I have to reshoot again. Huhu. Hirap pa naman isingit pag weekdays because di na maganda yung lighting pag-uwi ko sa hapon. But I’ll try to post it within the week! 🙂

        • Bae Milanes

          Gets! I heard it’s better to shoot still videos at night so the white balance doesn’t change, pero with photos, it’s definitely better when it’s daytime, especially when you’re outdoors. I love natural light. <3 Good luck on that, Da! No pressure. I'm sure a lot of women would still read your blog post kahit weeks na lumipas 🙂

  • Rejoyce Canaynay

    Mas pinkish yung Mauve It Up than Barely There. Not sure what I should get since both colors looks slightly the same but I think I like Mauve It Up when I will go to mall and Barely There will suit in everyday lipstick. I’ll probably get both nalang din. Hahahaha!

  • Stephy Macasaet

    I rarely comment on blog posts these past few days even when I read them but I’m commenting today because I wanna give you some feedback!

    Girl, your review is so good! Even when you claim na you dont usually do makeup reviews, I think you have to do it more often because the details you injected here are very helpful. I wish you could try out other shades as well na this time ikaw na nag pic so you would feel more confident writing another review. Btw, love the Mauve it up shade on you!

    • Bae Milanes

      Hahahaha salamat! Just my frustration enabling me to write this review na OA sa detailed. In fairness, nasurprise ako sa longevity. Or baka kasi kinakaskas ko sa labi ko like crayola kaya tumatagal haha.

      I have two more lipsticks coming! I might make swatches na lang this time. 🙂

  • Stephy Macasaet

    I rarely comment on blog posts these past few days even when I read them but I’m commenting today because I wanna give you some feedback!

    Girl, your review is so good! Even when you claim na you dont usually do makeup reviews, I think you have to do it more often because the details you injected here are very helpful. I wish you could try out other shades as well na this time ikaw na nag pick so you would feel more confident writing another review. Btw, love the Mauve it up shade on you!

  • Alissa

    Actually, these kinds of shades sometimes compliment the tan 🙂 I have these shades too and I kind of have a love/hate relationship with it, but just like you said, with a full face makeup, it looks good overall. Haven’t tried this line yet but if I will, I will go for darker shades.

    • Bae Milanes

      I have a love/hate relationship with light/pink lipsticks because I get tan easily. And every since I noticed how peachy colors look nicer on me, I stayed away from pinks.

      You have to try these! They’re currently on sale and I think they just restocked on Beauty MNL. But they only have Nude, Pink, and Red.

  • Nichie

    Those pinks look so good on you!! I feel you have the skin tone to suit so many gorgeous shades! I love how you have photos with different lighting because I feel it makes a huge difference it terms of what the swatches actually look like.

    • Bae Milanes

      I really want to disagree, Nichie. ? But thanks! Compliments like that make me feel braver to try shades I usually stay away from.

      I agree on the swatches part. I think most beauty bloggers only show the good side of their photos. Being that the case, you don’t really know the real color of the lipsticks, so what’s the point?

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