Maybelline Powder Mattes Lipsticks | Plum Perfection x Get Red-dy

Maybelline Powder Mattes Lipsticks | Plum Perfection x Get Red-dy

So I got another beauty loot recently. I couldn’t stop myself from buying two more lipsticks from the Maybelline Powder Mattes line because 1) they were on sale at an introductory price of P199, 2) there are too many lovely shades to choose from, and 3) I love the formula. Even though they’re a bit hard to apply because of the powder finish, I find the formula really comfortable on the lips. It’s actually really light. Unlike other lipsticks, this is not bothersome at all. You can barely feel it on your lips and it actually has some staying power, which I didn’t expect.

Most makeup brands swear their lipsticks are long lasting (just for the sales pitch), but I usually don’t believe marketing lines like those unless I’ve tried for myself that the particular lipstick really is long lasting. Of course, my number one indicator is when I eat and the color stays on my lips. (I seriously wouldn’t call it long lasting if its stays on all day but I didn’t eat for 8 hours straight, just to clear that up!)

I got the package on February 23 and didn’t open it until last night (February 25). I didn’t want to spoil the surprise. I really wanted to make a vlog about these lipsticks but just as I was doing a makeup tutorial, my phone ran out of memory space. LOL. Clearly, it wasn’t meant to be. But since I already had my foundation on, I didn’t want it to go to waste to I just did my whole face and took pictures for this blog post.

This time, I go two lipsticks from the RED category. I really wanted to get Touch Of Nude and Nude Illusion but when I Googled the colors, I thought Nude Illusion wouldn’t sit well with my skin tone while Touch Of Nude just ran out of stock right when I was about to purchase it (women hoard fast, so you better be decisive at the last minute!).

It was a series of unfortunate events, to be honest.  I saw them available on the counters when I went to the mall last Sunday but passed up on the chance. They were on sale at Beauty MNL but I was so indecisive I decided to sleep on it first. The next day, half of the line was already out of stock.

My friends got the colors I wanted and some, so I tested the waters and turned to red lipsticks this time. I got Plum Perfection and Get Red-dy.

I didn’t notice this much before, but I love how the cover of the tube is matte. I guess it only looked appealing to me when I saw it in red. 

How the colors look in the tube 

Swatches (Top: Plum Perfection, Bottom: Get Red-Dy)


Them being darker colors, I thought they would be easier to apply. I was wrong. Like the lighter shades I have from the same line, I had to apply Plum Perfection several times to get the right color. Now I’m sure that I can definitely blame it on the powdery formula. I kind of feels like chalk if I’m not mistaken. Or crayon. You know, like, you’re not gonna get the right color at first swipe? That’s how it is. I don’t really know how to describe it, but it’s not that pigmented at first swipe. I would definitely need to do the “blot with tissue and reapply” method with these lipsticks, regardless of the shade.

I showed Jec some selfies and he said they were ugly. LOL. Guys really can’t appreciate makeup, can they? He said the color was too bright (Get Red-Dy), but that’s kind of the whole point. I wanted a strong color for my red lipstick because dark reds make me look older. I’d want to look sleek and polished with a red lipstick, but definitely not “older than my current age”.


When I was editing the photos, I could barely see the difference between the two shades. I had to recall what poses I did with each color (and take a hint from a small difference in the shades) to know which is which. But in person, I can definitely say they look different from each other.

Get Red-dy is like your whore red. It looks sultry and it’s definitely an eye-catcher. A woman would be brave to wear this color during the daytime. I’d say this color would look good during bar hangouts and the like. You know, when it’s dim, so you need to make your makeup a bit exaggerated. I definitely prefer Get Redy-dy over Plum Perfection just because compared side by side, I find Plum Perfection a bit flat.

On the other hand, I think Plum Perfection would make a nice lipstick for work especially if you have that big presentation in front of the bosses. It screams woman to me, to be honest. It’s like that “pick me upper” kind of color that makes you want to accomplish things. Do you get what I’m saying? People often say that when you’re having a bad day, just pop open a bottle of wine and smear on your red lipstick. I think Plump Perfection is a nice choice for that.

Is it weird that I associate lipstick colors with mood? Yeah, well anyway, I’m that type of gal. I incorporate my makeup with my mood. It’s not simply about the color. Heh.


Plum Perfection

Get Red-dy (I like this color more so I had more selfies. Hehe)

I know I’m reusing photos you’ve already seen but I know how hard it is to keep scrolling back up and down to see the colors again. Been there, done that, so here’s a side-by-side selfie with the two colors.


Which one do you like more? 

4 thoughts on “Maybelline Powder Mattes Lipsticks | Plum Perfection x Get Red-dy”

  • Well, Touch of Nude is out of stock because it’s on sale. Pero rest assured na pag bumalik na ulit sa regular price yan, meron na ulit stock yan.? Anywoo, Congrats! You chose great shades this time! Super digging the Get Red-dy!

    • Thanks Stephy! Pero mukhang for special occasions ko lang sya gagamitin kasi pag everyday makeup, nude talaga ginagamit ko. Gusto ko na nga bumili ng Touch of Nude and Make Me Blush eh! Pero kaya ko pa maghintay haha.

  • I looooove that red lipstick -but then again, I’m the type to wear a bright firetruck red during the day so I’m a little biased haha. That plum looks really good too, though! It’s a little more subdued.

    • I noticed, too, how you can rock bright red lips on a daily! Lol. And you’re so brave to do that, but to be honest, it looks natural on you. It’s like your take on a nude lipstick. haha.

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