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May Favorites


So it’s almost 5  a.m. on a Saturday. I’m eating a huge piece of cookie (like the size of my hand), and I’m still awake writing this blog post because.. well, I feel most productive at night. I’m a nocturnal creature and I often find my brain functioning better when it’s quiet, when I’m alone with my thoughts, and when the ambiance is conducive – preferably AC cold temperature. Timely that the AC is on right now. 

You might have noticed that I’m into vlogging and makeup videos lately. Well, it’s true! And I’ll be the first to admit that I’m getting back my love for videography and I think that’s good! It keeps me wanting to learn more. There are just times that blogging bores me, you know? I’ve gotten so used to it by now that I feel I’m just doing the same things over and over again.  Anyway, we’re just counting days until June officially rolls in (yay, birthday month!), so I thought, why not cap off the month with a Monthly Favorites? 🙂 

I think I’ve done a Monthly Favorite blog post a few months back, but couldn’t keep it up because I end up not really listing down my favorites. But one day, I found myself itching to do something creative. I haven’t touched my paintbrush in a long time now and during that time, I was just itching to do something with my hands other than type. So I started doodling on a blank page and the next thing I know, I had this whole page of my monthly favorites. 

It was a nice way to let out my inner creative and, at the same time, allow me to reflect on the previous month and the things that kept me busy (and happy!)

So here’s my humble list: 

Monthly Favorites | Bae Milanes

  • TRELLO READING LIST FOR BLOGS. I’m honestly the worst at getting back on missed blog posts. I sincerely apologize. But the hoarder in my just likes to hoard and forget, you know? I often save blog posts for later but completely forget I had them in the first place. So when I look back at my list, I end up having a huge pile of to-reads. And trust me, I have untouched videos and articles from a year ago! Imagine that!  Anyway, as I recently used Trello for work, I thought, why not use it for some personal organization as well? So that’s what I did!I just started compiling all my friends’ recent blog posts on Trello, created a  list for each, and every time I’d finish a series of blog posts, I’d move that card  (for example: Bae Milanes Blog) to “Done”. So far, I also included articles that I want to read later on, not necessarily blog posts. Some also “reference articles” for personal readings.You have to understand that I almost never read blog posts once I see a notification via email, or when I come across it on my Twitter timeline. That’s why I usually retweet plugged blog posts – so I can read them later on! Anyway, this Trello list is proving to be really helpful. When I have nothing else to do or I feel like reading a blog post or two, I can just go to that board and pick a blogger. Easy! 

  • BOXING. I’ve been boxing lately, and it’s been so much fun! I never thought I’d like boxing, but now I do, so, yay! I’ve always tried to avoid contact sports  because I feel awkward having to do it with another person (that explains why I also go to the gym alone!), but it’s actually helpful because you get to connect with other people, find people that have the same interest, and hone your skills while socializing. Coach Danny has been nothing short of amazing. I see him more of a mentor than a coach because he’s also very friendly and it doesn’t bother him when we goof around in the gym while boxing. 
    I actually vlogged one of our boxing sessions. You can watch it here.  

  • BLOG HOMEPAGE. I’m so proud that I did my blog’s homepage from scratch! I first looked for a compatible plugin, spent hours doing the homepage,  and faced technical issues before finally publishing it on my blog. Big thanks to Jamie for the patience! Haha. I know my homepage’s a bit colorful right now but I made sure to include quick links there so you can easily find what you’re looking for. I haven’t really gotten any feedback on it so I’d appreciate if you can check it out and let me know your thoughts. Just enter my domain as per usual! 

  • BLOG RECOGNITION. Nothing makes me happier than knowing that all my hard work is not going to waste. Lately, I’ve had brands coming to me and asking if they could work with me. Not to be a humble brag, and I just want to say that my readers are a huge part of whatever success my blog gets.  Of course, not all opportunities come with a cost. But sometimes, you are the cost. You need to do some things for free now so you can be compensated later on.  I’m sure right now many of us are still doing the “dirty work”. I get it. But just keep grinding, okay? 

  • FEATURED BLOGGER OF THE MONTH SERIES. So I started this new blog series this month (May). And I’m so happy I finally had the ball rolling.  I’m so excited to feature more bloggers on my platform and if I know you deserve the spotlight, I won’t be selfish with my space. After all, we’re all here to help each other grow. <3 

  • OFFICIAL BLOG EMAIL. A few weeks back, the boyfriend helped me set up my blog’s email address. I’ve been putting it aside for about two years now (ever since I got the domain thebaeblogs.com), yet he only did it in less than 30 minutes! I’m so, so grateful for people who are willing to help me out with my blog especially since I’m so slow and impatient with technical stuff. I’m still learning, though! And I still have so much to learn! 

  • MAYBELLINE’S SUPER BB FRESH (BB CREAM).  I finally got a BB cream that suits my skin tone! I’m so frustrated that it’s hard to buy base products here in the Philippines and it’s so weird because, for all I know, Filipinos are not generally fair-skinned, so why are they skimping on darker shades?!  Anyway, using a foundation every time I go out is so expensive. And the only press powder that suits my skin tone and type (The Body Shop’s 052) is too expensive (Php 1,000+), I thought I could just buy a BB cream for something temporary. Lo and behold, Maybelline was on sale! So I grabbed the opportunity and Jec got me a BB cream! LOL. 

  • NEW MAKEUP. I know, I know. I still got lots of makeup in my stash, but I was tempted! And I ran out of mascara recently. I should have brought it sooner but I kept putting it off. And because of that, I completely missed the sale! But anyway, I got my mascara and a new lipstick in a chocolate shade (my current obsession), so I’m good!

  • SKINCARE ROUTINE. Ahhhh! After neglecting my skin for so long, I finally gave into everyone’s new craze – skincare routines! After almost a week of consistent routine, I actually already saw changes in my skin. My pores definitely minimized, my skin now feels less rough and bumpy, and my pimples decreased in size! Now I just really need to work on reducing these dark spots and acnes! In case you missed it, you can watch my skincare routine here: 

  • BEAUTY VLOGS/MAKEUP TUTORIALS. In line with creating amateur makeup tutorials on my blog, I’ve been hooked on makeup vlogs on YouTube recently. Actually, that’s where it all started. Watching all those amazing beauty YouTubers online just inspired me to go back to my love for makeup and explore it once again. I personally think that makeup is just a therapeutic form of art. Not only does it allow you to be creative, but it also lets you know your face and your preferences better.  Currently, my favorite is Raiza Contawi.  It’s  actually weird that I’m watching her online now since we went to the same university and finished the same course (yep, she has a degree in BSBA Internal Auditing!). But even from years back, she’s already known for sporting really nice makeup creations, so I know she deserves all these fame and work opportunities. I like makeup tips and tricks better than makeup tutorials so if you know any YouTubers who do lots of makeup lessons, please recommend!!! 

  • ICED COFFEE. I’ve always been a hot coffee drinker but this summer heat is so unbearable! Sometimes water is not enough because you drink lots of it on a daily basis and then it eventually tastes boring. Sometimes I like a little flavor in my mouth. So when I feel really hot and I want a nice little treat, I opt for a mug of iced coffee. I just pour a sachet of coffee in a mug, dilute the powder with hot water, and put ice cubes until they melt. I like leaving the ice cubes to melt while I work on something. I don’t remove the ice cubes even after the mug has turned cold enough since this is the Philippines, which means everything turns warm fast.  I just drink SanMig’s Sugarfree 3-in-1 Coffee, the one with the light blue sachet. 

  • BLACKHEAD PORESTRIP. Ya’ll. This thing is legit.  I honestly thought it was just a crazy fad, but nope! I love that everyone’s getting into skincare nowadays. That means I can have more friends to consult! So far, I’ve only tried this Php 5.00 pore strip from Divisoria and so far, so good! I’m just not sure if I don’t have that many whiteheads and blackheads on my face or the pore strip is actually not that effective? Friends recommend the BeautyFix Pore Strip from Watsons and I know for a fact that many people favor that, but am I ready for the pain? I don’t know. We will find out. 

  • BURGER KING’S MOCHA  BK JOE FROST. Oh my God, if this drink is not heaven sent! One time after dinner, we went to Burger King for some desserts and drinks. I got a cup of hot coffee and this one just because it looked delicious so I got curious. But damn, it tastes like it came from Chocolate Heaven, for real! I seldom really like drinks? But when I do, I get super obsessed. It’s  like my reaction with CBTL’s White Chocolate Dream or Chatime’s Chocolate Mousse. UGH. Clearly, I love thick chocolate drinks! It just tastes so perfect. And I seldom say that!!!  I can’t wait to have this again! Hopefully, it’s not a limited edition drink! 

  • FIRST DIVISORIA HAUL. I’m so glad I finally shopped at Divisoria again after, like, 4 years! It’s so nice to see varieties of stuff up for sale. I did a vlog on my Divisoria Haul but, to be honest, I can’t wait to go back! There is still a number of things I want to buy for my birthday, so I’m definitely going back there soon! 

So that’s it for my May Favorites

By the time that I blog again, it’s probably going to be June already, which means it’s my birthday soon! Yay! But really, no big plans. There are so many things I want to do and so many things I want to acquire, but at the end of it all, it’s just another day, right? Or not? Anyway, now that you’re done reading, let me ask you: 

What are your May Favorites? 🙂


  • Nichie

    I also tried doing a monthly roundup of things but I found that I didn’t have much to share since I usually just consume the same type of media, and that’s the thing I usually find I have the most to say about. I guess my favourites for this month would be:

    – Using sunscreen before putting my makeup on
    – Tank tops under button up shirts
    – Apple juice
    – Red lipstick (After wearing it exclusively for the whole month!)

    What a good idea to illustrate it all though! I must remind myself to actively find new things to try out, for experience’ sake as well. What plans do you have to keep up with a monthly favourites series?

    • Bae Milanes

      Hi Nichie! No plans, to be quite honest. It was just a random burst of inspiration and the itch to create. But let’s see if I can keep this up! After all, it’s nice to know that I purposely document the things I like and not just consume them.

      You know, I never really get the whole sunscreen before makeup thing. I find things like that sticky, and for me, it defeats the purpose of putting on fresh makeup. But that’s just me. And maybe that’s just here. No sunscreen here is NOT sticky. But come to think of it, if you were a sunscreen, you’d hate my skin so much because I never apply sunscreen 🙁

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