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Events in Manila: Workshops to Build Your Confidence


Writing – it’s way easier said than done. Having a writer’s block is hell yet having a good set of vocabulary may sometimes not be enough to call yourself a writer. Being able to write doesn’t automatically mean you’re already a writer, right? On the other hand, I know we’ve all had our business writing class in high school, but, let’s face it, not every one of us took it seriously. Remember those nights when you had to ask your mom to write a business letter for you because you just. can’t. do. it? Yep, I feel you!

With all these technological advances at our disposal, they’re sometimes not enough. Sure, we have Google to help us out with our small writing needs, but what if we need something more than that? What if we need to actually invest in something that would help us be better writers and, eventually, better employees or *drumroll* employers?

In the Philippines, a research from in 2015 named communication, trainability, and competence as the top three functional skills employers look for. A survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers in the US almost has a similar result ranking leadership, communication, and ability to work with a team as the most valuable skills in the workplace.

Suffice to say, you need to continuously invest in developing yourself to cope with the demands of your job. We can never be too complacent. Aside from reading articles or videos from the Internet, an effective way to learn is by actually attending workshops where you can interact with the trainer and meet fellow participants face-to-face.

Go Up Events, an all-around event logistic provider, aims to support your career goals by organizing various workshops in Manila this 2017.  Their upcoming events this June and July focuses on communication, leadership, and marketing.  Attending can be a sure way to set your learning objectives on track!

  • Business Writing Seminar.  In partnership with Manila Workshops and, Go Up Events Manila invites you to join Write Your Way to Success – A Business Writing Seminar for Professionals.  This is a highly recommended workshop if you want to learn how to write an effective letter, memo, minutes of the meeting, or e-mail.  Click here to register and view course outline.
  • Effective Proposal Writing.  Writing Hacks for Entrepreneurs  is   a two-hour seminar discussing tips on how to write content fast, create winning proposals, and use online tools to polish your documents.  Professionals working in the fields of sales and marketing who write correspondences to gain clients will benefit from this event. The registration fee will suit your budget at Php 200 only.
  • Search Engine Optimization 101.  The second series of Writing Hacks is about Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  SEO for Marketers is designed for the professional tasked to create content and drive traffic to their company website. Click here to learn more about this event.
  • Leadership Training for Supervisors.  Leading direct reports require communication, management, and interpersonal skills. Coaching that Sticks – Leadership Training for Supervisors will help you navigate the task of motivating people to maximize team performance.  Save the date on July 15 and reserve your slot here.

Some of you might be shaking your head thinking, “but workshops are so boring”. While I slightly agree because of the technicalities associated with them, workshops present 1) a great way to learn and hone your abilities and 2)  a great way to meet other people and interact about your work similarities.  

To be fair, I don’t think anyone has stepped out of a workshop and muttered, “God, that was so useless. I should have stayed home!” There’s always something to learn even if it’s just a 2-hour workshop. Besides, life is a never-ending cycle of learning, so why reject education?

Schedule Your Next Learning Event with Go Up Events Manila

Do any of these workshops in Manila interest you? If yes, then go ahead and cContact Go Up Events Manila by sending an e-mail at

TIPS:   Commit yourself to developing your skills and building your confidence.  Take action and plan to join at least one workshop in Manila in each quarter.  Set aside a sum of money each payday for the events you’d like to attend.  You may also share this link with your boss and ask if your company provides a budget for training opportunities. Happy learning!

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