Magic Monday

Magic Monday | Vol. 20

Hey, guys! We’re a few days away from Christmas aaaaand I still can’t feel the Christmas spirit. LOL. Anyway, I’m not here to talk about the holidays. I’m here to talk about my weekend. So, lets? 

Welcome to Magic Monday, a blog series where we list all things nice and worth looking forward to for the week. This blog series aims to uplift dazed spirits, especially on a Monday morning – a friendly reminder that not all Mondays should be hectic and that it can bring a little magic to your week if you let it. ✨

Mondays are now more chill.

I’m like any normal breathing, hustlin’ human out there. I hate Mondays as much as you do. And I was completely aware of that. I was aware that I let my day drag me instead of me making the most of that day & enjoying what I do.

But one day I thought, “Why do I hate Monday so much? Who said I even HAD to work on Mondays?!”

I’m a home-based freelancer. I could work (or not) anytime I wanted to, but why I wasn’t maximizing that freedom is beyond me. So I vowed that I won’t work on Mondays from thereon. On Mondays, I give myself permission to take a break.

Now weekends are more hectic because it’s when I catch up on work, but it’s okay because I can stay up until dawn on Saturdays & I have no problem with that! And Mondays are for stuff I can’t do on weekends – blogging, laundry, part-time work (usually post-event write ups on events), other personal agenda that require time & focus.

I’ve been doing this for some weeks now and so far, so good! 

Writing an entire draft of blog post in my Notepad.

This didn’t exactly happen last weekend, but it’s still worth mentioning. One day last week, I couldn’t connect my laptop to our home Internet so I thought of something else I could do with no WiFi. I started drafting my blog post for “Books that helped me cope with quarter life crisis”, worked again once I got stable Internet connection, and resumed the blog post that evening. I slept at 2 am, and my mom even scolded me, but it was worth it. HAHA. 

Gwendoline Christie’s eye.

Last night, I finally watched Star Wars: The Last Jedi with Jec. I was so excited to see Rose (Kelly Marie Tran) and Captain Phasma (Gwendoline Christie, who I like to call Brienne more) on screen. But lo and behold, Gwen was in a trooper suit the entire time and the only human part I saw was her eye. It was worth the kilig, tho. I loved her as Brienne of Tarth, and I always will, no matter what role she plays!

Gifts for Jec.

I got enough money to buy Jec not 1, not 2, but 3 gifts! LOL. Okay, they were just 3 shirts. But still, I normally wouldn’t spend that much in one go. And I know he would find them useful since he’s such a practical being.

Uniqlo shirt quality.

Guys, I’m super loving Uniqlo’s shirts. I got one of their Star Wars Limited shirts and the quality is so good! It’s so comfortable and the fit is so nice. I got 2XL from the women’s section because I feel more comfortable in loose shirts, but the sleeves are still short enough, which I. LOVE. I hate when I’m forced to buy big shirts and the sleeves are too long, usually taking up my entire upper arm. It gets hot on the skin after awhile. 

CBTL Planner.

I finally got my CBTL planner but I don’t think I’m gonna use it. LOL. Any willing buyer? 

Cool weather.

Guys, I am living for Metro Manila’s current temperature! Actually, no, I think it’s the entire country. But anyway, I immediately turn into a happy bean when it’s cold. I feel more alive & productive! Wet clothes are harder to dry but whatever!


Yesterday, I spent around an hour just reading. It was blissful. To be honest, it felt like the most relaxing thing I’ve done for myself after a really long time. I should do it more often instead of mindlessly browsing on social media. It’s fun, but it’s also useless. It’s super counter productive. 

So, how was YOUR weekend? 🙂

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