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Magic Monday | Vol. 13


Welcome to Magic Monday, a blog series where we list all things nice and worth looking forward to for the week. This blog series aims to uplift dazed spirits, especially on a Monday morning – a friendly reminder that not all Mondays should be hectic and that it can bring a little magic to your week if you let it. ✨

I’m bringing back my Magic Monday series because a good friend of mine asked me to.  When I  started this series, no audience was in my head. I even remember writing the intro template of this blog series on a piece of paper in between working on an article. I was in a cafe and I had my notebooks scattered about on my table.  That’s how it all started. Actually, I was just pissed off at people being so tired of Mondays despite it just starting a whole new week. I want to get rid of the notion that all Mondays are shitty. You can always do something about it. So do it. Start by looking back at your weekend and listing down your little joys.

Since I really want to post more personal blog posts, I’m bringing back this series. Now let me tell you about my weekend.  By the way, I’m going to mention Iris in this blog post a lot, so bear with me. 

  1. Videography workshop. Iris and I attended this videography workshop by Dennis Abad (Shoden) in Makati. I didn’t expect it to be so fulfilling and packed with tips. While I want to share some things with you, it would be a full load to do it. For now, I’m keeping the tips I learn to myself. Hope you wouldn’t mind.  🙂
    Magic Monday Vol. 13 | The Bae Blogs by Bae Milanes
  2. Self-love date with Iris.  As I said,  I went out on a date with Iris and we spent 12 hours with each other. That must weird you out but we actually did so many things yesterday, so now my Magic Monday comeback is going to be lit! It felt rejuvenating to go out with a girlfriend and just chat away. It’s difficult when I only have my boyfriend to talk to. It’s not the same.  Besides, I needed a lot of girl talk yesterday. Life was becoming too much to handle. 
    Magic Monday Vol. 13 | The Bae Blogs by Bae Milanes
  3. A nice, huge meal. I was really, really hungry right after the videography workshop. I didn’t have breakfast prior the event, which finished by 1:30 pm, so this was a really nice meal I had during that time. And OMG, I missed eating their sour cream and chives potatoes! 
    Magic Monday Vol. 13 | The Bae Blogs by Bae Milanes
  4. Brainstorming ideas for The Bae Blogs.  After eating, I got out my notebook then Iris and I started brainstorming ideas for my blog. I wanted a sort of reboot or a redirection for my blog, and I wanted to bring back my authentic vibe, which I feel I’m slowly losing over these PR posts.  We discussed my strengths and weaknesses, and what blog posts I should focus more on. We were supposed to use her GYFS (Gear Yourself For Success) module, but I couldn’t find my notebook with the GYFS notes, so we improvised.  I have a lot of ideas for my blog, I just need to organize them all for now, and then I can execute them one by one.  For now, I’d really appreciate if you subscribe to my blog via e-mail! I’m working on something which I know you will all love!
  5. New contacts. Because I let Iris drag me to places, which I really appreciate, honestly, I got to meet new people, relevant people that I can engage with regarding our fields. Even if we have different fields of expertise/passion, it’s always good to have new contacts and to be more exposed with different sets of people. 
  6. Financial literacy. Honestly, I consider myself “allergic to financial talk”. Since it’s actually hard to talk about something you don’t have. See what I did there? Anyway, Iris introduced me to Marc, an IMG member, and from there we talked about financials and practical things we can do for our future. It was a good talk.  It lasted for 3 hours. Haha! 
  7. Checking out a beautiful co-working space. During the financial talk, I couldn’t help but ogle at the beautiful space we were in. It’s a co-working space in Makati. It’s rather hidden from the busy area of the city, so I’d say it’s a lucky place to find. I was so impressed and intrigued with the architecture of the place that I tried to take a picture of every corner of the room. It was so worth it! 
    Magic Monday Vol. 13 | The Bae Blogs by Bae Milanes

I think this is the longest Magic Monday post I’ve written, but #noragrets! I enjoyed my weekend and that’s all that matters!  Now on to the next one! 

to Magic Mondays,



How was your weekend? Anything magical happened? 🙂 
Share them below! I’ll wait for your comments. 😉


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