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Magic Monday | Volume 8


I wasn’t really planning on writing a Monday Magic blog post, but let’s go.

Welcome to Magic Monday, a blog series where we list all things nice and worth looking forward to for the week. This blog series aims to uplift dazed spirits, especially on a Monday morning – a friendly reminder that not all Mondays should be hectic and that it can bring a little magic to your week if you let it.

  1. Over the weekend, Jec and I finally went to the National Museum. Recently, they announced a free entrance from then on so it’s good since it gives more locals the opportunity to enjoy the art, as well as the information they can get when they go there. I want to forget all the mishaps that happened when we went there so I’m sticking to the good stuff.  Overall, the experience was great. There was so much to see and take in that we literally spent five hours ogling at all these masterpieces and hopping from one room to the other. I actually want to go back there just to see everything all over again and look at the things I simply glimpsed at before. I feel lucky enough that I was with Jec during my first visit because had I gone with someone else, my experience wouldn’t be as fulfilling. Okay, I’m giving way too much credit to the guy. But then again, he deserves it. 🙂
  2. I’m hooked on Neil Strauss’s The Game. Few pages in and I couldn’t put the book down. But mind you, it’s not for the serious type of people. You will read things that you don’t want to, imagine scenarios you’d want to avoid, hear spiels you’d rather shrug off as downright douchey, but hey if you have the appetite for rawness, I’m pretty sure you can stomach this book.
  3. I found a new catchy RnB song, Happy Together. I could have been a ~ThUg~ in another life, seriously.
  4. Overall, it was a pretty chill Monday. I dragged myself out of bed earlier, but then again, who didn’t? I love how it rained hard because it means I can enjoy the chill breeze. But also, that results to more peeing for me. Holla if you can relate.
  5. I know I should limit my list to 3-4 items, but I’m excited to get my makeup haul this week. It’s been a while since I last splurged on makeup albeit cheap. And by a while, I mean, like, last year. I know. 

How’s your Monday, so far? Anything nice worth sharing?

Don’t be a party pooper! Gloomy weather shouldn’t equal a cranky mood!


  • Kai

    I hate Mondays but it gives me new hope for the upcoming week! I haven’t been to the National Museum since we moved back to the Philippines. Me too, I love the chill breeze when it’s raining 🙂


      You should go, Kai! It’s worth it! It’s free, so maybe you just have to travel a bit to get there (I’m not sure where you reside), but then again, sobrang sulit, especially if you are a genuine art and culture lover. 🙂

      Once I’m past Monday, I’m good. Haha! That’s a nice way to look at the week. 🙂

      Thanks for reading!

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