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Magic Monday | Vol. 6


This header’s color theme is all over the place, but I actually kinda like it. It works for me. The white background is nice but it contradicts my white texts. Anyway, welcome to another volume of Magic Monday where we list down nice things from the weekend that we can carry over the coming week. I would have stuck with the events of Saturday and Sunday, but it was a long weekend, so I’m going to make a longer list just for this one.

It’s 7:19 PM on my laptop’s clock as I type this, but I honestly meant to publish this blog post earlier this morning, since I feel it doesn’t make sense to start a Monday late, technically on my blog. Anyway, it’s already my down time, but before I finish off a work article tonight, I might as well proceed with this.

Isn’t it amazing how fast we can do something when we love what we’re doing while it takes us hours to complete a simple task because we don’t like it? I have the same feeling with working versus blogging.

  1. The 2-day holiday + weekend was so timely. I recently felt overwhelmed with work and I just couldn’t fathom the reality of facing so many articles again in the coming days, but it’s a good thing that my reality was a holiday due to the Holy Week, followed by Saturday and Sunday. To tell you that I enjoyed those four days is an understatement. I simply cherished it and enjoyed the four solid days of rest and also a time to do some house chores and personal tasks. But, of course, I also had to use the extra off time to do extra work.
  2. I finally watched an episode of How To Get Away With Murder and it’s so good! I can’t wait to watch the next episode, except, wait, I don’t actually have much that time to Netflix and Chill. 🙁
  3. We re-arranged our bedroom so now it’s back to its old setup. I like it better this way because the sunlight doesn’t hit our bed directly so I can work better in bed when I’m in the right mood.
  4. Oh, what I’d give to wake up in a cool hotel room again. I had my usual hours of sleep but it felt more satisfying just because I was in an air-conditioned room. Temperature does make a difference.
  5. Last Saturday, we went to Mayantoc to visit mom’s cousin’s farm-like house. They had their house renovated and even had a pool added in front of their lot. It was so peaceful, calm, and green. It was so different from the urban life where everything is so fast and we chase time more than it chases us. It was such a refreshing afternoon as we shared good food under good weather. I even braved the cold water and took a dip in the pool. I was aiming for a tan. It didn’t do much, but something is better than nothing. I also took a bunch of photos so my heart is happy but my laptop’s iCloud is not. Heh. I better start transferring my photos and videos to Jordan (my hard drive) if I want to keep blogging. Hmmmm. #bloggerproblems
  6. When we got home yesterday, Sunday, I was pondering whether to do a blog post or to just chill when I remembered I had work to finish. I was kinda irked that I was forced to finish it just because it’s been days since I’ve been last on it, but I knew I also had to be responsible for my procrastination. LOL. Fortunately, I finished the article in less than three hours so that’s something. Guys, do you even know how the days are so fast when you have another job going? It’s like working out. Soon, you’ll realize it’s been a week since you were last seen panting in the gym. It’s insane.

Anyway, so that’s my Magic Monday. I have to finish off this blog post before I go overboard and start blabbering nonsense. I hope you had a productive Monday. I know we are all struggling to wake up from our holiday mode and I know some are having a bit of a trip hangover, some #seapanx, but may the angels hover above us and sprinkle us all with coffee sprinkles for the busy week ahead.

May you have light, love, and coffee wherever you go,

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