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Magic Monday | Vol. 5


This Monday started out kind of slow for me and I was in a bit of denial as I lazily got up from the bed and tried to stall by scrolling through my social media accounts.

I want to sleep some more, but I know I can’t and shouldn’t, and it’s entirely my fault for sleeping late. I guess another Magic Monday blog post would put a little sparkle in my dull morning – or so I hope.

  1. I wasn’t able to finish all my goals for the weekend but I was able to start on them. Starting is better than stalling (note to self). I’m 70% done with this blog post I’m working on and I managed to start on another freelance work. Yay, self!
  2. Family and I had a quick getaway yesterday. Okay, fine, we just ate out, but it’s better than staying home or running errands. It’s where I took the picture of this cute comfort room. LOL. I’m a sucker for cute CR’s guys, I’m sorry.
  3. I am loving Snapchat lately, hands down. It’s becoming my morning ritual to watch stories before starting my day. At least, it makes me laugh and smile.
  4. After eating out yesterday, it felt like we just had a long drive going places, basically because I was just in the car the entire time. My younger brother and I listened to some music. I also took some photos of the sunset while in the car. I haven’t been out the house during rush hour and the traffic felt just like a cold slap on the face. I’m sorry for not resonating with you, common commuters.
  5. It was an eventful Sunday night because of the #PiliPinas2016 debate. I still think that hashtag is witty, though. Now we get to see some more out of our presidential candidates. I’m looking closely at Poe and Duterte on top of the list. I just can’t trust faces like Binay’s and Roxas’s.
  6. I have a lot of work to do. What right do I have to blog..

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