My Collection Of ‘Most Ignored’ Lipsticks

My Collection Of ‘Most Ignored’ Lipsticks

By now, you should already know that it’s International Lipstick Day this weekend. You know, sales here and there? Packed Department store beauty sections? Women itching to buy lipsticks they don’t even need? LOL. 

And in celebration of me and my fellow makeup lovers’ most awaited day, I thought of writing a blog post that focuses on.. you’ve guessed it – lipsticks! This is my own way of celebrating the day because 1) I’m too broke at the moment to buy any more lipsticks and 2) The number of lipsticks in my stash can already last me a lifetime (not counting their expiration dates). 

// M Y   L O V E   A F F A I R   W I T H   L I P S T I C K S //

Among all makeup products out there, lipstick is truly my favorite. It’s the first product that I learned to apply, it’s the first I fell in love with, it’s the first that caught my attention. Ever since I saw my late aunt applying her lipstick before going to work, I swore to myself that I’m gonna be a lipstick collector, and I’m fulfilling that promise today one tube at a time. Suffice to say, I’m never that invested in other makeup products because I don’t find them appealing enough. So that’s how my love affair with lipsticks began.

It took me days to decide on this blog post. What should I write about? Dark lipsticks? Nude lipsticks? EVERYTHING?

But then I thought of sharing with you my least used lipsticks because it would be redundant to keep showing you my most used/favorites, right? And also, just to make it different!

Anyway, let’s get to it! Just keep in mind that I have a medium and strong yellow skin tone, so don’t be surprised if some colors should look bright and bold but look nude on me and likewise. Hehe. 

My Collection of Most Ignored Lipsticks | | The Bae Blogs by Bae Milanes

My Collection of Most Ignored Lipsticks | | The Bae Blogs by Bae Milanes

So after bombarding you with lots of selfies, let’s talk about these lipsticks one by one. 

I have good reasons why I don’t wear these lipsticks often but I often forget that they’re not so bad! Maybe it just really depends on what I’m wearing and how I’m wearing my hair. It’s also hard when I used to change hair colors back then. When I had orange hair, I was into peach; when I had red hair, I was more into nudes. Now that I have black hair, it’s easier to get away with any shade of lipstick. 

  1. L’Oreal Peach Brown. I only wore this out once and the boyfriend liked it! It has some shimmer in it and who knew, out of all trends, guys would be fond of glitters? LOL. I like this on me, I just keep forgetting that I have it. 
  2. L’Oreal Chocolate Bisuos. I bought this when I was into chocolate colored lipsticks. I found it expensive given that it’s creamy (something I try to avoid), but because I fell in love with the color, I thought I could make it work. 
  3. Maybelline Nude Nuance. I know it looks fine, but I just can’t love this color. For some reason, I hate it. I feel like it’s a cross between light and dark on me. It’s not dark enough to be chocolate, yet it’s not light enough to be nude. Whenever I attempt to wear this lipstick, I always end up changing it. 
  4. MAC Please Me. Nicki Minaj pink, NOPE. Enough said.
  5. Maybelline Audacious Blue. I don’t even know why I got this color. It’s sooo hard to carry! I would need Maybelline’s black for this, but do I really want to wear blue on my lips? Still not sure. I just find it unfair that some girls rock blue so well. In my honest opinion, make it a wee bit darker, like almost navy, and it would look way better, and anyone can wear it!
  6. Maybelline Mauve It Up. I’m not in love with this color, but the finish of the lipstick compensates for it. This is from Maybelline’s Powder Matte lipsticks and, I swear, it’s the best line they have so far! I love it because the color stays on your lips forever even after eating and drinking, and it has a powdery finish which feels really soft and light on the lips. I just don’t wear this often because it looks too bright on me. 
  7. Maybelline Get Red-dy. I don’t wear reds often, but this one’s really nice. Aside from it coming from Maybelline’s Powder Matte lipsticks (like Mauve It Up), it looks nice on my skin tone. And you know how hard it is to find that perfect red lipstick! 
  8. Colourpop Lady. One reason why I don’t use these lipsticks often because I don’t like heavy-creamy finish! And that’s what I think of whenever I see this tube in my stash. Huhu. I’m okay with the color, it’s just too dark for a normal day.
  9. NYX Copenhagen. I bought this because I thought it was the perfect vampy shade for me. It turns out that it was just a bright plum on me. Aww. And shame on NYX sellers for saying it’s long lasting. NOPE. I can even remove it with just tissue. It might as well be a very pigmented tint. 
  10. Colourpop Viper. I don’t like pink, period. My skin tone is friendlier with peaches and browns (did you notice?). 
  11. Colourpop Bumble. I love this color on the picture, but not on me after a few hours. The color darkens after awhile, something I didn’t notice until a friend pointed it out. This reminds me of NYX Lingerie in Exotic, but this one’s darker. I’m avoiding my Colourpop lipsticks right now because they really dry out my lips.

So that’s it!

Which one is your favorite?
Enable me to use some of these!

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