My Quick Lipstick Haul | #InternationalLipstickDay

Hey, guys! So I said that I wouldn’t buy any more lipsticks, but… I couldn’t help myself!! I gave in, but I only bought essentials. I promise! I stayed away from colors that I already have, no matter how pretty they looked. Today, I wanna quickly show you my lipstick haul. haul/ | International Lipstick Day | The Bae Blogs by Bae Milanes

  • Matte in Detail – D14 Joyce (PHP 225, BUY 1 TAKE 1 PROMO)
  • Matte in Detail – D15 Krysle (PHP 225, BUY 1 TAKE 1 PROMO)
  • Ashley Kiss Lipsticks (PHP 119)

I’m so glad I chanced upon Detail’s BUY 1 TAKE 1 PROMO because it gave me the perfect opportunity to try out their liquid lipsticks without spending too much. One tube normally costs PHP225, but with the promo, you can get 2 of the same makeup products for the same price. Isn’t it neat?! This promo lasts until July 31, so if I were you, better check out this brand! 

I already tried Detail’s shimmery liquid lipsticks and I must say, it has a good formula! It’s really matte and budge-free, I just didn’t like the color that much since it’s shimmery. So I was willing to bet on these liquids lipsticks I got, hoping they have the same nice formula. 

I swatched them on my hand and they immediately dried up within seconds. No funky smell. Lightweight. I’d say they’re perfect! I got Joyce (peachy) and Krysle (brownish). I liked Joyce more but I wanted to avail the BUY 1 TAKE 1 PROMO (I mean, who wouldn’t?), so I just picked the next color I liked next. 

I also got this box of mini lipsticks, which were both sketchy and cute at the same time. Hahaha. I mean, look how small they look! They remind me of those “baby lipsticks” I used to play with when I was younger. You know, those kid edition lipsticks probably sold in toy stores? And how could you NOT feel sketchy towards it? It came from a pile of lipsticks that are equally cheap. haul/ | International Lipstick Day | The Bae Blogs by Bae Milanes

PHP 69 lipstick, ya feel? I even questioned if they were fake, but I kinda doubt it? I mean, malls wouldn’t allow fake products to get in, right? Let’s save that for Divisoria. Let’s just assume that they’re THAT low-quality, hence the price.

By the way, I’m IN LOVE with this color. I always go for nude or dark, there’s rarely in-between. But it might damage my lips or something, so as much I wanted to try it as it was very cheap, I didn’t risk it. My mom only allowed me to get the Ashley Kiss Lipsticks because they were cheap AF. For PHP 119, it shows that one lipstick costs PHP 9.92. HAHA. haul/ | International Lipstick Day | The Bae Blogs by Bae Milanes

Again, I’m so glad Detail had its promo because I don’t think I would be willing to spend Php 200+ on a small tube of lipstick. Now that I’m taking a closer look at them, they seem so… small. Basically, you’re only buying 2/3 of the bottle because the rest (black) is just the cap. Gets?

So anyway, that’s about it!

As of this writing, I haven’t tried any of these lipsticks on my lips yet and here’s to hoping they look good on me!

As for the cutie patootie Ashley Kiss Lipsticks, should I make a swatch of each color or nah? Comment below!

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