Life Lately | Volume 14

Life Lately | Volume 14


It’s a Sunday. It’s 4:18 pm as I type this. Probably, it will be around a quarter to 5 by the time that I publish this. I can work but I refuse to, because when I need to, I hustle day in and day out for the entire work week, so I’ll give me my Sunday.

I want to blog, but I don’t know what to write about. I don’t feel like going through my blog content plan just yet so I’m just publishing something completely random (and just so you all know my blog and I are still alive).

Maybe this will just be another Life Lately blog post, yes?

I am currently trying to save money for my Dumaguete trip with Jec and the rest of the Heritage team. I’m not a member of the organization but Jec is urging me to go with him. I guess it’s that important for him and, in a way, he wants me to be a part of it. I’m looking forward to it, no lies, partly because it’s been years since I last rode an airplane and I would just usually follow my mom around until we get seated, so this time I would have to be a little bit more independent since most of us would be in the same bracket, I think. Millennials, yo.

I’m nervous about the trip, but I believe that it would be good for me. I mean, I’ve always been a homeboy and there’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s about time that I see more parts of the world and not be trapped in the four corners of my house (homebased writers will know). It’s going to be a pain in the butt saving for my plane ticket, which I offered to pay for even though Jec invited me, but I’m sure it’ll be worth it. I can already see myself bouncing up and down in the airport from excitement, aww-ing at everything, and taking loads of photos.

I’m back to the gym, as you all know. But I haven’t gone since Thursday. On top of that, these hormones are the devil. I’m starting to stuff my face with so much food again, so I’m gaining back what I lost when I was sick for over a month and had no appetite. I’m eating so much sweets, I’m starting to be disgusted with myself. I need to burn those sugar soon.

As with work, I’m done with the news articles and I’m back to writing my own words, so it’s good. There was a time that I loathed the news articles because, first of all, I don’t watch or read news, second, I don’t know how to write them. But I guess, like other things, it’s seems impossible until it’s done. I had to learn the format and whatnot, which I did, and eventually writing them became easier. And it makes me happy because that’s one more writing skill I get to put in the bag.

The Get Down is fantastic. I’m not sure what to feel about Stranger Things. I don’t like alien things and some parts actually bore me. But I’m quite intrigued with Eleven and I like that Toothless boy. He’s too adorable for life! I watch Zoo from time to time when I want to scare myself from the animals and watch something a bit too serious. With books, Stephen King’s It is creepy, but I can’t stop reading it. I plan to buy some horror novels from a book thrift store when I can. I think horror stories are beginning to grow on me even though I used to despise them.

I’m still using Kiehl’s skincare products although I’m a bit inconsistent sometimes. It’s a great brand, though, Kiehl’s. So far, it matches my skin type and that’s good since I break out easily when I use a bad product. My pimples are drying so I’m starting to pick on my face again. It’s gross, but satisfying. Do you get it?

It’s just 4:38 pm. I was able to type 600+ words just like that.

So, I’m actually considering if I can still write a 500-word article before night falls (that’s still extra income), or just Netflix and chill, literally.

I didn’t have lunch – just a huge plate of a Black Forest cake, which is good for about two to three people – but my brother and my mom are cooking spaghetti for dinner. Yum, yum!

Maybe I can write an aricle, later? Nah, stop it, Bae. Just catch up on reading blog posts and online articles.

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