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Life Lately | Vol. 13

I can’t believe it’s August already. I’ve hardly gone past July yet. Now we’re counting four months until Christmas Day. How did that happen?! But anyway, I’m not here to rant about how fast time flies. I’m here to share tidbits of my life lately and how August is going for me so far. 🙂

I just got admitted to the hospital recently (my first confinement!) due to dengue and got out last weekend and now here I am working again! I feel jolly today for the reason that I bagged another writing gig, which I’m excited to start with because it means new learning for me. I’ve been pondering on this gig for some weeks now because I didn’t know if I could commit to another string of articles, but I’m glad I took it. More work means more experience and extra income. And who refuses money, right? LOL. I’ve also been swapping ideas with my star client again. I don’t consistently write for him but he’s hands down my best client because we sort of look out for each other. And for freelancers, that’s a huge deal.

In other news, I finally made a Facebook page for The Bae Blogs and I’m trying to update it from time to time. Right now, I’m focusing on sharing my old blog posts so I could work my way up and have a chronological order. Speaking of money, I’m also planning to sell my old books for extra cash and for some much-needed Marie Kondo. I’ve already followed some Facebook pages where I can sell my books but haven’t posted anything yet. If you want to get dibs on the books, hit me up!

Ever since I was confined, time seemed to crawl. I became more intentional with my activities and one of them was reading more books. I didn’t realize until now how slow time goes when I immerse myself in a good book and read hundreds of books in a matter of minutes. It’s way different than spending hours on social media and not gaining anything much substantial.

I know I shouldn’t, but I’m back to the gym. I’ve worked out just once as of this writing and I know I’m still weak physically so I need to do something about it. I refuse to be weak forever and I’m itching to lift heavy again. To give you an idea of my setback, what used to be my warm up is my best weight now. That’s how weak I am at the moment. 🙁

I’m no longer sick, which means I have gained back my appetite already and I’m eating like a beast again. It’s also the effect of PMS, but the good thing is I’m no longer starving myself from being sick.

Because I’m reading more, I’m slowly getting back my zest for writing. I even wrote a contributed article to an online magazine again and just on a whim. I don’t know yet when it will be published, though. I don’t get paid for those articles but I’m happy to write my pieces because they can still be filed as experiences in my book and there’s no pressure since I can write whatever I want to as long as it fits in the magazine’s niche.

Anyway, that’s it for me. August, so far, is good. But I haven’t move on from July yet, though, to be honest…


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