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Life Lately | Vol. 10

I just finished my 7-3 job and I was planning to take a shower before proceeding with job #2, but in between washing dishes, I realised that I haven’t done a Life Lately blog post recently (which some of my dear readers have mentioned they like), and there are some life updates I could write down now on a whim.


I changed my work schedule recently and, of course, with the permission of my client, and I’m actually glad I did because it is proving to be better for me and my current lifestyle. I am not a morning person, but waking up two hours than I usually do has immensely helped me do more than I usually do. I also find myself less stressed now because I am able to start my days early so I don’t actually fuss about everything on a moment’s notice although there are days that I am still late for work despite working at home. Heh.


You know something’s really up with my health when I don’t go to the gym for a week straight. I’ve been feeling ill since Monday morning, which caused my to take half a day off from work on Tuesday. I still wasn’t feeling well yesterday (Wednesday), but I soldiered on, thinking that the day will go by quickly and I won’t even feel it if I try hard enough. Hahaha. Hah. So anyway, the gym staff should have noticed by now that I am missing in action since Monday. Not that they keep track of what I’m doing, but it’s actually nice to be welcomed when they see me walking by and say hi. It means something to me even if it’s just a small gesture. I could easily shrug off a bad headache, but this one’s different. When you’re dealing with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), do yourself a favour and don’t even risk going to the gym, especially if all you’re wanting to do is squat. It’s the devil.


It’s only Thursday but I’m already feeling iffy about the weekend. I seriously don’t know what to do. I’ve been stressing myself out today from choosing between two options. A friend and I planned to go to the Vibrant Festival this Saturday and I got us the tickets for weeks in advanced, but now I’m having second thoughts because I’m losing my festival mojos and because there’s this guy…. *crickets* *sideglance emoji*

I met this guy recently and God forbid I don’t disclose details I shouldn’t, but he asked me out and I still haven’t given a sure yes, BUT my heart wants to say yes, but my brain says, “No, bitch, you don’t get to buy expensive tickets to treat your friend and then betray her. You just don’t.”  So IDK.


I’m pressed with time everyday, but when I get the chance, I like to indulge in some light reading between work or after a long day. I’m always reading something and maybe that’s also the reason why I don’t finish anything. 🙁 But anyway, I’m currently reading this book The Accidental Creative by Todd Henry and it is amazing! Few pages in and I’ve already highlighted so many passages. It’s like he wrote down every unorganized thought I had about creativity in and out of work. It’s a good book. If you’re a *creative* like me, I’d so suggest that you get yourself a copy. You will not regret it.

On the side note, 

It feels liberating to set a timer while blogging because it pressures me to compress my time and write as fast as I could so I could move on to my next task. I set my timer for 25 minutes and as of writing, I have 8 minutes left. Now I wonder why I didn’t stick with the Pomodoro Method if it’s so goddamn useful after all. But I’m not surprised because, with me, it takes a little while to convince me.

I still have to make the header for this volume, so toodles!

From 1-10, how sabaw is this?

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