Life Lately

Life Lately

Life Lately, as of 05/10/2015 (happy mother’s day!) On second thought, also categorising this as as The Happy List, as I’m feeling jolly tonight.

  • Slacking off a bit at work, but finishing a job again. Two, in fact! *happy dance*
  • Regaining belief in myself over and over again.
  • Finding the right pace in between things
  • Reconnecting with an old friend (Look, Ivan, you made it to this post!)
  • Waking up to an air-conditioned room after what seems like forever
  • Finding time to read again
  • Lots of lovely quotes (also unexpected finds) from Instagram
  • Gainz!
  • Cooking up two newly-learned dishes (I should not have added water to that ginataang gulay! I should not have! Still regretting it to this day. Sigh.)
  • Rita’s, after craving for days (!!!) Got a black cherry cheesecake ice x chocolate custard (should have went for coffee for a change)
  • Finding a big shirts store for Shane. Love at first sight, man. Love at first sight.

On the downside, do yourself a favor and stop comparing yourself to others, Bae. A thousand times over, stop. 

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