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Life Lately | 7th


Since last night, I have been feeling dizzy and slightly nauseous. A few minutes of staring at the screen would make it seem like my world was turning and the dizziness didn’t go away when I woke up this morning so I just called in sick at work. I figured that it might not be that bad but staring at the screen for too long might worsen it.

I don’t even know if my employer still believes me when I tell him I’m sick or not feeling well because I’ve been “sick” too many times already since I started working for him. But he always emphasizes how health is important and that writing a lot every day can cause burnout. Anyway, why am I even defending myself too much? Lol. Since I’m not working today, I opted to just update my blog since I know I would have less time to write when Shane finally gets here, which is in ONE DAY, guys, I cannot.

(Wait, I shouldn’t even be using my laptop, but… Oh well.)

A lot has happened the past few days so I guess it’s timely to do another Life Lately volume.

Life Lately has been about:

    Just last week, Nanay (my maternal grandmother), mama, and I found ourselves in Dasol, Pangasinan to pick up a dog. In a nutshell, our car broke down and it was a Sunday so no repair shop was open, so we had to stay the night at mama’s uncle’s home. The next day was Chinese New Year so I got a free pass from work.They have so much seafood in there that they usually get sick eating even sugpo or bangus, like how?! It was my first time to experience such a raw accident turned blessing in my life. Those two days made me realize a lot of things and I want to share a lot about that spontaneous trip so I’ll be saving that for another blog post.
    I don’t want to fuss too much about Shane’s arrival anymore so I’m trying to stay calm. I’m so calm I don’t even feel nervous or giddy at all and we’re talking about one more night before I have to fetch him. Maybe I’ll start to feel the butterflies once I step foot in the airport.
    Since last week, our Internet was down so I was forced to work in a coffee shop for a few days. Naturally, I spent too much again and it sucks so I just try to enjoy what I eat and drink and make sure I utilize what I need. Speaking of which, I finally got an extension cord for my charger. Small thing, but I’ve been trying to delay it until I had to use an outlet that was too far and my laptop doesn’t stay open for too long now. While working in my nearby coffee shop, I fell in love with African Sunrise all over again.
    Having no Internet admittedly made me feel bored. I’m a hobby hoarder so any time of the day, there’s always something I can do, but for some reason, when our Internet was down, I wasn’t in any mood to do anything else like read a novel, write on my journal, plan out my blog posts or anything else.But having no Internet enabled me to focus on other things – things I don’t really do on a normal day like watch TV (lol, I watched SOCO and Ipaglaban Mo during the weekend), write a really long albeit spontaneous blog post, and notice out pets more. LOL.
    It feels like the best Valentine’s Day gift I could receive. I thought it would just be a typed message, something like a template, but it was a handwritten letter from Frecel herself. I plan to write her a letter as well but, even better, I want to pay her a visit someday, probably on my birthday month.
    If you have noticed, I’ve blogged a lot about Shane the past few days. It feels I lack blog posts in that department, but now I will be able to fulfill them when Shane gets here and we make a lot of memories to share with you all.
    Because it’s food!!!!!!