life lately

Life Lately


  • Being a total grouch about everything (PMS-ing hard)
  • Getting in one of my emotional states
  • Realizing bicep gains
  • Reviewing phones w/ Shane
  • Being stressed about my weight, therefore stress-eating
  • Lacking the motivation to commit to my workouts
  • Finding a little bit of light out of all the darkness
  • Decluttering my Instagram account
  • Having good food + good company with cousins (or just cousin?)
  • Small me time in a form of a mani-pedi session
  • New found love for everything earth toned
  • Finally figuring out my body shape and how to dress for it
  • Thirsting for spiritual love and strength
  • Tasting beer + Backyard restaurant for the first time (butter beer for the win!)
  • Nice catch-up with cousins during a double birthday celebration
  • Realizing how fast time flies by once I acknowledged that  I am an adult
  • Learning how to apply make-up once again
  • Basically, learning how to be a woman
  • Writing a lot lately as an outlet of too much thoughts
  • Finally deleting close to a thousand photos from my phone (a real achievement!)

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