life lately

Life Lately

Life has got me thinking lately, that’s for sure.

I wanted (and needed) to up my blogging, so I opted to post a quick one today since I have time to spare. I have a lot of draft posts written in my notebook, but I want to be emotionally prepared before I finally type them down, so here’s one that’s not too emotionally dragging… or so I think.

I have always crossed out the idea of wearing crop tops the moment I knew they existed. There was simply no way that I would be confident (and hot) enough to wear them out. But one day, kuya and I were strolling in the mall and every chance I got to look at myself in the mirror left a look of grimace on my face. My outfit was not on point – unlike what I thought when I was mentally planning on it while I shower. Out of my brother’s disgust towards my shirt and encouragement to make me look better (partly so he wouldn’t be ashamed to be seen walking alongside me), I bought the cheapest, most basic shirt I saw – a crop top, since I was wearing a high-waist pants that time. I fell in love with it, and started collecting more. I figured that it wasn’t about how sexy you are – it’s how you bring yourself, and how confident you are with your body – regardless of the amount of stares you get. *Points to myself*

I officially crossed out coffee from my every day grind. As much as I kept fooling myself that I was a coffee junkie, turns out I didn’t need it as much as I swore. It took me a few extra pushes to finally get rid of it. I wanted to be healthier and I know a coffee a day won’t kill you, but I also know that little things accumulate overtime. So I ditched it and went to go green instead. I’m not a tea lover but it’s natural for us to say no to things that we don’t want but need, so I’m gradually convincing my brain to at least like green tea, if not love.

In line with this, I’ve also gone a week having prepared meals beforehand for every dish I eat. I cooked a lot of food chicken breasts and vegetables, stored them in plastic wares, and put them in the fridge until the time I will eat, and I will just have to pop one dish in the microwave. It saves a lot of time and energy on my part. I’m also more consistent with going to gym now and sometimes I try to workout first thing in the morning so I would have it done before anything else.

I’ve gone back to reading more (books) so that’s good. I remember buying a book almost every week, for fear of running out of books to read, but now I have a stack of to-read books and I’m going through them one spine at a time. I also got new glasses, which ways way better than my last pair, when I thought it was helping me big time. >:(

Decluttering has been my best friend lately, too. Since then, I’m more able to keep track of my clothes, to which I had a panic attack the other day because I just remembered I had this sweater and these pair of gym pants that I often neglect, and by the time I was ready to wear them, I couldn’t find them! At last, while organizing the clothes to put back in our closet, and keep downstairs for ironing, I found my gym pants, and when I passed by our wooden bench in the bedroom, which has now turned into a bag counter, I found my sweater. I felt really bad when I couldn’t find them, I even entertained the  possibility that it might have been stolen from our clothesline (?!) but I told myself there would be no use worrying about it so much, and sometimes you find something when you stop looking, or during the least expected time.

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